5 tips for healthy nails
 Nails, largely reflect our lifestyle and overall health. But nail care leaves its mark on their appearance. Check to see if you're doing the right thing in this direction?

So our 5 tips for healthy and beautiful nails:

1. Nail polish - always!

 5 tips for healthy nails

When nail polish, you do not bite them, and do not touch the burrs. Besides, a layer of lacquer - a kind of protective armor polish preventing peeling and cracking. If you want a break from the bright shades of nail polish - Apply transparent or solid.

2. Proper nail files.

 5 tips for healthy nails

Do not use metal, nails and they break very rude act on the nail plate. The best solution - or crystal glass nail files. They did not destroy the nail, and very durable.

3. file nails correctly:

 5 tips for healthy nails

- We recommend to use the nail file before you remove the old varnish. Explanation to in paragraph 1. The varnish protects against cracking and breaking. After filing, you can remove the old varnish special liquid.
- Always file nails in one direction long strokes. It is longer, but the result is worth the effort. Making movement sawing back and forth is not desirable, it stratifies nails, leading to fractures.

4. Take care of the cuticle.

 5 tips for healthy nails

Healthy cuticle - a healthy nails. Do not cut them and move your wooden stick after a bath with warm water. Then use the oil for cuticles and massage cuticles with him about 2 minutes. Instead, you can use a special oil olive oil, and at night rub into the cuticle balm.

5. Less often refer to the gel and acrylic.

 5 tips for healthy nails

Recovery after a nail gel or acrylic nail takes a very long time, although salons argue quite the opposite. Do not listen to ads are based on your feelings. If your nails are thin, the gel or acrylic making them very weak and the recovery will take six months, no less.

Graphics: mycharm.ru
Author: Julia Gnedina