Steam treatments for beauty and body health
 Do you like to go to the bath? I just adore. Regularly we go out with her friends in the bath or sauna. This is a good way to take a break from everyday worries, relax, socialize, and care for your body and even lose weight!

No wonder the room so valued and so popular with people of all ages. It is here that the body easily derived toxins, clears the skin, improves blood circulation and metabolism. Bath has beneficial effects on the nervous system, blood vessels, heart, muscles and many other organs. She trains the thermal regulation of the body, so fans of the pair is much less likely to suffer from colds. After her visit to the skin becomes soft, supple, there is a sense of ease and relaxation.

I hope I have convinced you to the benefits of a bath for our health. Let us talk about some of the procedures that will help to further tidy up the body will withdraw toxins, get rid of cellulite and even help you lose weight.

Very popular one-component scrubs   honey, coffee grounds or clay. Just apply these products onto the body before a visit to the steam room. The main rule: the first set is not necessary to use any special tools. The body needs to warm up, steamed "up to seven drops of sweat" to open the pores of the skin. Upon exiting the pair best a dip in cold water.

But from the second approach can be easily rub themselves by all possible means.
Scrub it is desirable to warm up in the steam room before the application, so you will achieve greater effect.

 Steam treatments for beauty and body health
 Mead   wonderful expels sweat from the body toxins, vitaminiziruet and moisturizes the skin. For best results, we recommend mixing it with salt.

Honey-salt scrub
The ceramic bowl mix honey with coarse salt. You can take in a mixture with a guy right there (if the room you have on hand), and can be shifted in a convenient jar from the cosmetics. Carefully smear the whole body scrub received (avoiding the delicate places, of course!), Then do not sit and rub, massaging yourself to achieve the best results and remove calloused skin cells. For this is well suited special brush, gloves, massager that you can buy in the store. Honey well with salt stimulates sweating and continues to be effective even after the release of the pair, so when it is desirable to use a time not to drink to excess fluid has left the body.

For honey can be added essential oils (5-10 drops). Traditionally used for the bath oil of juniper, fir, spruce, sage, orange, eucalyptus.

Scrubs honey and essential oils are contraindicated in case of allergy to these components.

Honey-mustard scrub
You will need sea salt, honey, mustard and orange oil. Mix salt with honey. Add a little mustard to avoid burning the body. A few drops of orange oil to your scrub will add flavor, but do not overdo it, to avoid burning.

 Steam treatments for beauty and body health
 Coffee   It is also a wonderful scrub. It penetrates deep into the pores of the skin, subcutaneous fat rastoplyaet. It is therefore a good anti-cellulite remedy. It fights with varicose veins. You can use the coffee grounds after morning coffee, and you can take corn and grind them specifically.

Sour cream and coffee scrub
Coffee coarse blend of fresh cream. You can add a few drops of essential oil. Apply to the skin in the steam room and bask as you can tolerate. This scrub is not necessary to rub because Coffee is much rougher than honey, and can damage the skin. After applying the scrub rinse with warm water. Coffee aroma calms the nervous system. The skin becomes soft and silky. There are contraindications - high blood pressure.

Coffee and salt scrub
2 cups of mix coffee grounds with ½ cup of sea salt, 2/3 Art. spoon any massage oil. Scrub ready.

 Steam treatments for beauty and body health
 Clay   cosmetics sold in pharmacies. Choosing her greatly. Clay differ in color and composition.

- Blue clay   contains the full range of necessary for skin trace elements (iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, aluminum, silver, etc.). Blue clay cleans and anti-inflammatory effect.

- Green clay   It includes manganese, calcium, cobalt, phosphorus and others. microcells. It is a powerful antiseptic, kills bacteria and toxins. It nourishes, renews and rejuvenates the skin.

- White clay   cleans and dries, good for oily skin types.

- Red clay   It improves blood circulation and provides blood flow. It recommended for allergies and iron deficiency.

- Yellow earth   rich in iron and potassium. Good for dull skin and signs of wilting. It has a tonic, anti-cellulite and moisturizing effect.

- Grey clay   especially recommended for mature skin. It moisturizes and tones, good for dry type.

Typically, the clay is diluted with warm water in a ratio of one to one and applied to the skin. Clay also is part of many body scrubs, some of them you can prepare yourself.

Miracle Scrub
100 g of coffee grounds all add a little shampoo, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of melted honey (for allergies it can be replaced by vegetable oil), which must be dissolved beforehand 15-20 drops of essential oils (juniper, bergamot, eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, cypress, grapefruit) and a few tablespoons of clay. Mix. This scrub removes old, dead skin cells, fights cellulite, improves blood circulation. The skin after application becomes soft, tender, smooth and smells amazing.

These scrubs can invent themselves, taking as a basis have tried. Ingredients you can "spy" on finished cosmetic products, and then just turn on the imagination and taste.

 Steam treatments for beauty and body health
 In the bath and use herbal infusions . You can take any herbs (clover, chamomile, nettle, calendula, etc.). Very good for a pair of licorice extracts and kelp. The first grass great moisturizes and tones the skin, giving it a velvety and tender, and the second - is widely used for the treatment of cellulite.
Prepare a broth of any grass the same: 2-3 teaspoons of dried product filled with 200 ml of boiling water and infuse for about 10 minutes further water rubbed the face, neck and chest. The very same grass is applied to the abdomen, thigh, hip and back.

These are wonderful ways to pamper your skin during a visit to the bath. Choose to your taste - and forward, in the steam room! It is recommended to go to the bath two times a week. With regular visit you will quickly notice the difference. Light your match!
Author: Natalia Romanova

Steam treatments for beauty and body health
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