Makeup artist Robin Black for autumn trends in make-up (Part 1)
 Makeup artist Robin Black talks about his work and shares his thoughts on how to adapt to the podium to make everyday look'a. Want to know how to wear black lipstick? Read on.

Robin Black - professional makeup artist, who created the images for the British singer MIA and the American actress and model Chloƫ Sevigny. Her style is characterized by a combination of classic features with some strong elements that make the image of the modern. For example, pouting lips and a lovely rosy cheeks, combined with big glasses in the style of the 80s - look for her MIA

Do you have some secret ways, as quickly as possible, on the move to make everyday makeup?

Many women try to exactly draw the outline of the lips, and it takes a very long time. Take a lip pencil and apply it to all the lips, not just on the contour, and on top - the usual lipstick. It will be much quicker and get a smooth, because in this case it is not necessary to conduct a line that always tries to go somewhere not there. I also think that in the arsenal of modern women are absolutely necessary wipes for removing makeup - they save a lot of time.

When you work in a team with a barber, stylist, photographer, designer, how do you create your images?

Typically, designers begin with the presentation of its concept: they show the drawings to explain the main points - and on the basis of an idea I understand the direction in which I work. Then I interpret these images in makeup. Photographers and stylists show lighting, decorations, clothes and place. I present a model. Then the stylist shows sketches or photographs for inspiration - and then we start to work with the hairdresser. We translate all of this information in the way we create, based on what time of year and what facilities we have now at hand. We try to get as more beautiful and consistent concept.

It is difficult to keep ahead of trends?

Sometimes it's really confusing. It seems that I'm doing out of season. Now Los Angeles the summer, and I walk in the dark burgundy lipstick colors. I think some people think that I became a "goth", but it's only because the cosmetic companies have already sent me a winter collection, and she told me so much that I can not wait.

It seems that back in vogue dark lips, but they are difficult to wear. Is there some way to bring this element into everyday makeup?

I usually nanoshu Lip dark colors - plum or black. As I said, I cover them all lips, and I put or render on top of a bright red lipstick or the other, softer colors. As a result, you get the same profound effect, as with black lipstick, but the image is more suitable for everyday makeup. By the way, I have applied this idea to create a collection of makeup for the filming of BCBG.

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Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina

Makeup artist Robin Black for autumn trends in make-up (Part 1)
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