Lady Gaga is without makeup
 Not a month goes to Lady Gaga has not appeared on the cover of gloss. For the October issue of the British Harper`s Bazaar managed to capture the outrageous pop star without makeup.

25-year-old Lady Gaga does not favor viewers naturalness dumbfounded costumes and dramatic make-up is always accompanied by her appearance in public, the more interesting star photo shoot without make-up.

"No matter, I'm in makeup or without makeup - I always stay in a" - says the singer edition. And yet we rarely can see it without the "war paint". Gaga claims that this part of her art. "This is the new reality. This is more difficult than to be honest and sincere ", - says the star.

Lady Gaga told reporters Harper`s Bazaar, that she is happy and free. And it comes from childhood. More baby girl she was unusual. Naked, with a nanny, a lot of dancing, and even loved solitude. The desire to be alone and now haunts Lady Gaga.

 Lady Gaga is without makeup

Now Lady Gaga has been a lot of yoga, run and eat only healthy food. "My job helps me look good. I keep in shape by working hard. " If she is on tour, the work of 16-20 hours a day!

 Lady Gaga is without makeup

Author: Julia Gnedina

Lady Gaga is without makeup
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