Beach collection essence
 Summer, sun and a collection of sun club bondi beach of the essence! There is no better way to start the summer!

In May and June 2011 in the stores will be a new fashion collection sun club bondi beach collection   of the essence. With the new collection can be created as the perfect beach make-up, also the romantic image for meetings and kissing in the sunset!

Eye shadow and nail polish sun club bondi beach   the brightest and most fashionable colors of summer, as well as waterproof eyeliner and mascara - all this combined with the warm sand on the beach and the cool water reservoir creates a mood for an unforgettable summer holiday!

Collection essence sun club bondi beach - glamour-to-go

 Beach collection essence

Set eye shadow

Queen's style, pay attention! Set eye shadow glamour-to-go   It gives a true lover luxuriate on the beach is something special. This mini-suite includes the amazing colors makeup: subtle shades of sunny days on the beach and stunning saturated colors for night parties! The kit also includes a patch to update the makeup on the go! Two options: 01 - South Beach (south beach) and 02 - Long Beach (long beach).   Price: 199 rubles.

Gel eyeliner essence sun club bondi beach collection

This practical gel will appreciate the true lovers of the surf and sea nymphs: Gel is waterproof! Now you can safely dive and conquer the depths of the sea. It is particularly resistant and waterproof texture ensures that the makeup will stay with you even after the water adventure. Three color options: 01 - Black, 02 - 03 brown and - blue.   Price: 159 rubles.

A brush for applying gel eyeliner essence sun club bondi beach collection

For easy application of the gel, make sure that you have a suitable brush! A brush for applying gel liner is ultra-thin tip to create a very accurate line. For those who prefer the retro style, we have a wider brush tip to apply the broad arrow in the style of the 60s. Price: 159 rubles.

100% waterproof mascara eye essence sun club bondi beach collection

Attention, all in the water! This mascara will never flow from your eyelashes! The special formula is 100% waterproof mascara ensures complete water repellency, and is easily washed off with warm water! Now, nothing will prevent you to enjoy a wonderful holiday at the beach. Price: 124 rubles.

Bronze powder essence sun club bondi beach collection

Powder color the Australian sun with a gentle shimmer! Easy-powder bronzer with relief image of a summer beach will give your face and body with a gentle glow. It creates the effect of a natural tan, completing a compelling image of a beach. Option 01 - Brown.   Price: 159 rubles.

Nail polish essence sun club bondi beach collection

Summer style from top to toe! Five saturated bright colors make a unique focus on your hands and feet. Choose your own color from the cold sea to the warm sand. Several options: 01 - pink glow (pink heat), 02 - waves rolling (chasing waves), 03 - refreshing splash (splash refresh), 04 -zakat (sunset) and 05 - Golden Sands (golden sands).   Price: 99 rubles.

Gel to remove eye make-up essence sun club bondi beach collection

Mandatory means for each party queen: Gel Eye Makeup Remover in a convenient pocket-sized bottle. This summer, this facility should become an indispensable companion of every fashionista. Before heading to the beach, quickly remove traces of make-up for a party! Option 01 - transparent.   Price: 89 rubles.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila

Beach collection essence
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