Care & Order: Asian layers of cosmetics regulations
 Recognized masters in this matter are considered Asian beauties. Not so long ago, Europeans and American discovered the famous Korean system facials. In it - up to 17 steps, and almost as many layers of different funds.

The appearance of our everyday life multitasking cosmetics, of course, greatly reduces the number of layers of makeup. But is still quite a lot of tools that we use daily. AND the main secret - Believe Korean Estheticians - it's not just what you put on your face, but also in what order .

So, open the secrets of the famous layeringa (from Eng. Layering - layering). We will not scare you 17-step system, let's look at an affordable option layers of makeup.

General rules layers of cosmetics:

1. Always start with a lighter consistency of the product. For example, whey has always come at the beginning, because they have a light texture and deliver the active ingredients into the skin more effectively.

2. Between the layers (food) take a short pause: it is necessary to absorb funds and start working.

3. Observe not only the right light and heavy texture, going from lighter - more difficult. It is important that the means by water-based, preceded by an oil-based products.

4. After active serums - moisturizer, which plays the role of moisture sealing. This allows the skin to retain moisture and give the serum to keep working.

5. Add oil to treat specific areas. It is most difficult for the consistency of the product and is applied after the cream.

6. Protection from the sun. Tool with SPF can not be missed, especially in the summer. This should be the easiest layer at the beginning of the day, if you resort to a multi-layer system of care.

7. Do not act recklessly. Any ingredients that are undesirable to be combined. For example, alpha- and beta-acids hydroxide undesirably mixed with retinoids, this can lead to redness and peeling. Also, these acids do antioxidant agents ineffective. Note also that retinoids and benzoyl peroxide are mutually exclusive, as will deactivate each other.

8. Always "listen" to your skin. The skin may be "tired" from the abundance of different products. Try to exclude the various steps of his departure, to find their own optimal diet of skin care.

Now consider layering rules for specific cases.

Morning layers

Step 1. washing.   Clean your face with a detergent or just water alone. And easy to massage the face, without moving the skin. After - gently pat the face with a towel to dry.

Step 2. Tonic.   This product is designed to soften the top layer of skin, remove detergent residue - all this contributes to a better absorption of moisture and other active ingredients of cosmetics. By the way, in Japan, women often use a technique called a mask or lotion-tonic mask. Japanese cosmetologists moistened wipes in tonic and put them on the face for 3 minutes.

 Care & Order: Asian layers of cosmetics regulations

Step 3. Serum   (or essence). The molecules in the serum is much less than in the moisturizer, because the serum created to solve specific problems in the deep layers of the skin. Such problems include wrinkles or dark spots.

Step 4. Medicinal products.   After the whey is possible to add special medical products, such as temporary fillers (fillers for wrinkles), or for the treatment of acne or dark pigment spots.

Step 5 moisturizer.   Asian beauticians call this step "lock moisture." For oily skin should use emulsions, for other types of skin - creams. Preheat tool in your hands before applying to the face, it will improve the absorption of the skin. After the agent is distributed on the face, back rub your hands together until they are warm and, put his hands and fingers on your face: the heat helps with the absorption of nutrients means.

Step 6: Easy massage.   After applying a moisturizing serum or emulsion, press your fingers on the face, as if playing the piano. But a person should not blush at the same time!

Step 7. Tool with a solar filter.   Asian beauticians believe that it is important not only in summer but throughout the year.

Evening layers

Evening care is very important for the skin, and if you is limited only by the departure of the morning - try the Asian evening system. Perhaps this will change your skin for the better. Night time - a time of food and the treatment of the skin, so the night care can significantly affect the skin condition.

Step 1. Double cleansing.   This means a two-phase process. Please use makeup remover, cleanser and then (in the form of a cream or foam).

Step 2. Scrub.   This step is not daily, Japanese and Koreans are not lovers of special tools, so used to scrub the skin is not more than 1 time in 7-10 days, in the evening after cleansing.

 Care & Order: Asian layers of cosmetics regulations

Step 3. Serum.   Remember when applying serum to massage the skin. It stimulates blood circulation, reduces and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, skin take medical treatment, minimizing the aging process.

Step 4. Medicines.   These are products for the point of application of acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, dryness, and so on.

Step 5 moisturizer.   Remember the advice about the heating of the product, and can more intensively pressed his fingers on the entire face. It is important to use a product is a night not to overload your skin with unnecessary ingredients, for example, such as a solar filter.

 Care & Order: Asian layers of cosmetics regulations

As you can see, multi-care only at first glance seems very complicated. In fact, actually, if you abide by the rules layeringa you like this approach. By the way, it is believed that following constant rituals of beauty is an additional way of dealing with stress, it soothes and gives confidence.
Author: Julia Shestakova

Care & Order: Asian layers of cosmetics regulations
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