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 Sparking a particular diet, we rarely think that by getting rid of unnecessary kilograms, causing serious damage to their health. Still, each of us will respond when you on the covers of glossy magazines and watching TV happy thin film actress and photo model, willy nilly want to lose weight. From stereotypes, of course, not going anywhere. But health should be more valuable.

Proper and balanced nutrition - is important for the person. With power the body gets all the necessary ingredients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, fiber, water and vitamins. Often there are people who believe that the problem of excess weight can be solved by the selection of the correct diet. However, they do not account for much.

Cons diets

- For a healthy person, many diets are not appropriate. These modern science prove conclusively that at separate eating of proteins, fats, carbohydrates inhibited the activity of enzyme systems and then barely recovered!

- Continued compliance with unloading diets leads to hypovitaminosis, changes in mineral metabolism and impaired digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

- Diets cause too hard work of the stomach and pancreas, which leads to the aggravation of many chronic diseases.

- The main harm of a separate food - a violation of the microflora digestive systems fast growing dyspepsia: diarrhea and indigestion.

- Artificial famine - the strongest stress on the body, and the reaction to it can be unpredictable.

- During a diet there is a substantial loss of muscle mass and liquid. But when you return to a normal diet weight very quickly restored.

- With the possibility of any diet drinking and smoking significantly reduced. It can sustain, alas, not every, even the most powerful woman.

 Plus 9 minus 7
 Pros diets

+ Excluded from the diet allergenic foods can significantly improve health.

+ Basically ideal diet for people with insufficient production of gastric juice, pancreatic enzymes due to chronic disease.

+ Lots of diet quite tasty and varied.

+ Cooking does not take much time.

+ B person's life there are times when hunger really is beneficial - for example, food poisoning or diseases accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature. But this mechanism is provided by nature, and should not be confused with the diet.

+ Using starvation can cure a number of serious diseases - but only under strict medical supervision.

Since the low-calorie diet + a week you can lose quite a few kilos. The question is, how not to get them again.

+ Many diets are based on a vegetarian diet, which is partly useful for certain medical disorders in the elderly.

+ Day unloading positions always exist in different cultures, they are useful and, moreover, are not burdensome for the purse.

The choice is yours, dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Author: Valentina Pyatygo

Plus 9 minus 7
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