Autumn. School. SARS?
 September for many parents was marked not only the beginning of autumn, but the start of the new school year. This is largely an exciting and joyful moment, however, the season of SARS could significantly dampen it.

The team - risk zone

As you know, at the source of SARS virus it is most often the man himself. Transfer it is carried by droplets in person. Accordingly, stay in the team - is always a risk of infection. It is difficult to imagine a closer team for the child than the school.

At the same time the beginning of the school year, follow the basic rules of prevention of SARS infection - to avoid large gatherings of people - is impossible. Therefore it is necessary to look for other methods of prevention.

Health - a successful start preventive measures

The importance of regular hand washing in the prevention of various diseases has been said a lot. Yet we repeat: Hands should be washed as often as possible! Quite often the virus gets into the body through the mouth and into the mouth - with hand contact with the surface to which the virus is able to settle. Especially, this mechanism is relevant to children. Because it is important to explain to your child why it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of hands, including the period spent in school. Find out whether the school washbasins necessary detergents, as an option - Provide child disinfectant wipes.

 Autumn. School. SARS?

Health air

Fresh air in classrooms is not only important in terms of prevention of SARS, but in general, for the well-being of children. It is necessary to follow, whether organized regular airing in the classroom, how often they occur, and finally opened the window if at all? If the situation is far from desired - do not hesitate to raise these issues at the parent meetings. Finally, monitor the health of their own children - it is primarily your responsibility.

Water - a way to health

It is important to comply with the drinking-water treatment of the child. Children at school, as a rule, are very active. With a lack of water consumption in such conditions can dehydrate quickly. A lack of water weakened body less resistant to viruses. Therefore, make sure that the child in the school has been provided with drinking water.

Connect the medical prophylaxis

In addition, to strengthen the body's defenses child can use medicines such as antiviral agent Kagotsel®. He has shown children from three years old, so it can be used as for the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in schoolchildren every year of study. From prevention to the drug is taken weekly cycles: one tablet a day for the first two days, followed by a five-day break, and then the cycle begins again. Among the many virtues of the drug can be given a small amount of pills - the child will be easy to swallow it. Furthermore, it should be noted that the drug may be used not only for the prophylaxis but also for therapeutic purposes if avoid contamination of the child failed Kagotsel® can be used to treat disease.

 Autumn. School. SARS?

Movement - an integral part of children's health

It is important to understand that the end of the school day the need for preventive measures ends. To strengthen the defenses of the child can and should be at home. It is important to make sure that the child has had enough time to rest from training loads for games outdoors for physical education. Sometimes the game of football in the yard can be even more important to perform regular homework. No educational achievements are not the victims of child health.
And not zabyvayte can not select from a list of recommended actions for the prevention of just one, and to impose on it any hope. Protection against diseases will be successful only if all the measures enforced complex.

There are contraindications. Before use, consult an expert.

Registration certificate number: P N002027 / 01 of 19.11.2007

Autumn. School. SARS?
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