Cindy Crawford: the secret of beauty and success
 In 2000, supermodel Cindy Crawford left the modeling business. Ten years later, she returned, saying about himself loudly and confidently. What is the secret of beauty and success Cindy Crawford?

Great Return
Cindy Crawford 44 years. It so happened that in modeling the retirement age will be considered - these costs profession. As a rule, 25 years after leaving the fashion industry model and look for a quieter activity: university, building a career, a family. In memory of fashion shows remains a pile of photos, clippings so glossy magazines.
However, the situation has changed, Cindy Crawford and her colleagues, peers again in demand. Supermodel 90 to zero conclude lucrative advertising contracts, posing for the covers of glossy magazines, taking part in various fashion projects.

Cindy Crawford, Linda Evagelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Christy Turlington triumphantly returned to modeling. "Great Return" - so dubbed this phenomenon fashionable gloss. What is the secret supermodels megauspeha 90? They are not just "clothes hangers" and bright and extraordinary personality. Charisma - is what is lacking in the modern young models.

 Cindy Crawford: the secret of beauty and success
   There is another important factor that played a role in the return of the 90s supermodels. It is no secret that the main consumers of clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes class "luxury" is not the young girls and older ladies. They received a good education, to successfully build a career and earn a good idea. Adult women want to buy quality stuff, and they can not afford it. This is where advertising comes into play. Whom to invite face of the brand? Women potrebitelnits want to see a well-known model - the one you can trust, because it will not advertise nonsense.

There is another important psychological moment, which took into account the marketing. When choosing anti-aging skin care trust women the same age, model, especially if the youth posters with her picture, they paste over the walls of his girl's bedroom. Advertising with a sixteen year old model that the problem of wrinkles is unknown, there is no more trust.

How to achieve perfection
The frenetic pace of city life difficult for working women to make time for regular fitness club. Self-employed home - a great way out. To improve not only the shape, but health can be with special training video, "How to achieve perfection" and "The secret of a perfect figure", where Cindy Crawford plays the role of a coach.

Working under the guidance of the Cindy Crawford can afford any woman. If annual subscription to a fitness club many can not afford, the money for a couple of DVD discs do not pierce a hole in the family budget. Classes can be conducted at any convenient time - another significant plus. For example, a mother of young children can perform the exercise while the kids are sleeping or playing. Maybe the kids will want to join the mother during training. It's funny to see how the children are trying to repeat the exercise.

At present, the choice of sports training video courses great, but the program Cindy Crawford is still popular and in demand. It comes into force "legal authority": women trusted the well-known model and want to be in something like her. A special set of exercises designed by professionals. During workouts all parts of the body and problem areas. These exercises develop flexibility, strength and endurance. Computer graphics further demonstrates how to do the exercises.

 Cindy Crawford: the secret of beauty and success
 By secret
Cindy Crawford graced the August cover of Ladies' Home Journal. Glossy cover taken by photographer Cindy in a simple white sundress cut. Model miracle as well: luxury long hair, nice smile and expressive eyes. The magazine she shares with readers the secrets of his excellent physical fitness, youth and beauty.

Cindy Crawford was not ashamed to admit that she has cellulite. It would be worth a brief digression and note that the presence of cellulite is not so much concerned about the very Cindy Crawford as the paparazzi who pursued this summer just a supermodel and her family during the holidays, trying to catch in the lenses of his camera in a revealing bikini Cindy. Despite all the efforts to get "compromising" photos could not, because the supermodel is still in great shape.

In the struggle with the insidious cellulite Cindy Crawford chose a very successful tactic. She regularly involved in sports, increasing physical activity. Cindy goes to the gym three times a week. Her training consists of a combination of cardio-loads, as well as favorite exercises as squats and lunges.

The power Cindy Crawford adheres to the Mediterranean diet. By the way, recently the Mediterranean diet has been officially recognized by the World Heritage by UNESCO on the list. As you know, the basis of this healthful diet are fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses and other dairy products, fish, virgin olive oil - are precisely those products which prefers Cindy Crawford in everyday life.

Despite the commitment to a healthy diet, have Cindy Crawford and small culinary weaknesses: chocolate and pizza. Supermodel emphasizes that she allows herself to eat them, but sometimes just a little bit. A small amount of chocolate or a piece of pizza will not spoil, but the mood will improve.

"I - the mother of two children, and if they want ice cream, I, too, will have an ice cream with them. I do not want my daughter thought it was a beautiful woman - a permanent restrictions. She sees my training, but sees that I can thus choose their way of life. I want to be a good example for her, "- said the supermodel magazine.

 Cindy Crawford: the secret of beauty and success
 Facial skin care is important for any woman, Cindy Crawford is no exception. Every day she uses sunscreen, moisturizer and anti-aging night cream. From manufacturers Cindy chooses products from Sephora and QVC. Cindy said that all that she knows, she plans to teach his younger daughter.

The topic of Botox injections for the nasty little Cindy Crawford, the supermodel has long denied such interference in their appearance. However, more recently, in one of his interviews, Cindy admitted that she still tried Botox. In an interview with Ladies' Home Journal, this topic has been touched again. That's what she said Crawford, "I tried Botox but profound intervention plastics scares me. Although very much want to be a constant, to which I myself used to it, and the aging of upsets me. "

 Cindy Crawford: the secret of beauty and success
 Instead of an epilogue
In Russia, Cindy Crawford is not a stranger, she became the heroine of the new advertising campaign CUM. Ripe apple - another full-fledged "character" of advertising. Perhaps this is an allusion to the temptation of shopping, which is so difficult to resist. Unfortunately, Cindy came to Moscow to take photos. Filming took place in Los Angeles.

Photographers: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott - known names in the fashion world, TSUM has successfully cooperated with them for years. Candid photos, which depicted Cindy Crawford, a well-known even to those who are shopping in TSUM not afford: bright makeup, sensual lips, transparent lace lingerie, sexy pose.

 Cindy Crawford: the secret of beauty and success

Author: Irina Rukavishnikova

Cindy Crawford: the secret of beauty and success
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