L'Occitane - beautiful oksitanka
 Did you ever visit in Provence, in southern France? It is fantastically beautiful and picturesque nature. Not surprisingly, this generous region, bathed in bright sunlight, served as the inspiration for the creation of cosmetics L'Occitane.

Successful Experiment language student

Meet Olivier Bossan - founder of L'Occitane.

 L Occitane - beautiful oksitanka

Today he is the owner of the world-famous brand of cosmetics in the past - language student. In 1976, Olivier Bossanu got the idea to try Distiller. In order to acquire this miracle of technology, he had to spend the money earned during the summer holidays for pocket money. The interest in plants and herbs Olivier Bossan was a child, because he grew up in the province of lavender fields and olive groves.

 L Occitane - beautiful oksitanka
   Olivier Bossan gathered wild rosemary and using the distiller has received from it pure essential oil. Obtained by steam distillation of essential oil of rosemary young man was able to profitably sell in the local market. That's when Olivier Bossanu and came up with a brilliant idea to create a company for the production of cosmetics based on natural ingredients. The young man was only 23 years old. Language student firmly grasped the tail of the bird of luck and it was not going to let go.

Lovely oksitanka

Who is she, beautiful oksitanka? Without a small historical and linguistic reference is necessary. Occitania / L'Occitane - so called before the entire Mediterranean part of France. Nature has generously gives his gifts to the inhabitants of the province. The bright sun, clean air, mild climate, flower fields, green trees. Well oksitanka / l'occitane - Mediterranean woman is worthy of the daughter of the French south. Beautiful, proud, freedom-loving.

The French are famous like no art to live, appreciate every moment of life. As conceived by the founder of L'Occitane products Olivier Bossan produced cosmetics they should reflect the way of life of inhabitants of the Mediterranean region of France, and to embody the image of the beautiful oksitanki. Using natural ingredients has become a priority when creating a new line of cosmetics. Mr. Bossan sought to revive the forgotten traditions of cosmetic Occitania, with the use of modern technology and the creativity of its employees.

Gifts of Nature

 L Occitane - beautiful oksitanka
   The use of natural ingredients in cosmetics - fashion trend of modern cosmetic industry. The words "natural cosmetics" on a jar of cream, like a magnet for women. Increasingly, cosmetic manufacturers give priority to natural components. L'Occitane products are not an exception, but it can still surprise and unique production technology. Many of the components are pre-tested manual processing, and some stages of the production of cosmetics also take place manually. The specialists L'Occitane skillfully combine recipes that have long been used in various regions of France with the latest developments.

Let's look in the pantry L'Occitane. The company's specialists are carefully selected raw materials, the quality of which is crucial. Location and conditions of cultivation of raw materials, the time of harvest, assembly technology - everything is taken into account. L'Occitane uses for the production of cosmetics, natural products, this is an incomplete list: lavender, olives, brown sugar, honey, almonds, grape extract, white tea extract, various essential oils, sea salt. The ingredients are tasty and healthy, and most importantly - useful for creating effective cosmetics.

L'Occitane products known for its careful attitude to nature. His numerous clients and partners around the world calls for the company to follow suit. L'Occitane regularly participates in charitable actions aimed at protecting the environment. For example, since 1992 the company participates in the program for the protection of endangered species.

Excursion to the factory

Tourists traveling to the south of France, have a unique opportunity to see with their own eyes how light appears on the cosmetics L'Occitane. In Provence, you can visit the factory. The tour can be both individual and group. Sign up and schedule a visit to the factory is necessary in advance. Imagination is vividly portrayed big dark attic and hung everywhere laid flowers and herbs, and a boiling vat of potion exudes a pleasant aroma. However, nothing in common with loft-old woman herbalist reality has not.

On L'Occitane factory spacious bright rooms, modern equipment - it is indispensable even in the production of cosmetics made from natural ingredients. Factory staff work clearly and coherently. Kindly guide introduces visitors to the various stages of production of cosmetics. After the tour in the boutique at the factory, you can buy cosmetics L'Occitane with a nice 10% discount. I wonder what attracts tourists, sightseers longer: the production process, or the ability to take advantage of discounts?

New life of Marseille soap

 L Occitane - beautiful oksitanka
   Marseille - city and port in France, situated on the Mediterranean Sea near the mouth of the deep river Rhone. Back in the early Middle Ages Marseilles soap industry was famous throughout Europe. Marseilles soap for several centuries has been the subject of successful trading. He was well known not only in France but also far beyond its borders. In XX century, consumers began to prefer a synthetic soap. Soap was a new generation of fragrant, richly foamed well at his job, and the cost is inexpensive. About Marseille soap simply forgotten.

The founder of L'Occitane Olivier Bossan decided to resume the production of Marseille soap. Mr. Bossan approached the task of reviving the Marseilles soap creatively. He perfected the traditional formula, adding a Marseilles soap in addition to extra virgin olive oil a variety of essential oils. Soap has turned soft, with a pleasant aroma. Thus began a new life of Marseilles soap. Moreover, it has become a symbol and mascot of this company L'Occitane.

Corporate Identity

 L Occitane - beautiful oksitanka
   Cosmetic shops around the world resemble each other like drops of rain, but not flagship stores of cosmetics L'Occitane. The company's designers have thought carefully about corporate identity. L'Occitane boutiques interiors resemble cozy Provencal house. Girl consultant welcoming and friendly. All products have a refined flavor, packaging design stylish and recognizable, windows are decorated with eco-style.

Some boutiques have an additional service: its offers to clients to try L'Occitane spa programs and professional massage. Of course, using natural cosmetics and relaxing scent L'Occitane. The procedures called L'Occitane Petit SPA. As conceived by the creators of each stage of the procedure as if immersed in the atmosphere of beautiful landscapes of Provence, if the client is sent to the distance journey to sunny Provence.

 L Occitane - beautiful oksitanka

What beautician L'Occitane?

 L Occitane - beautiful oksitanka
   - Means for care of the face and body.

- Anti-aging agents.

- Hair care can be safely entrusted to specialists of the company.

- The disposal procedures for lovers of water gels, creams, butter, jelly, massage oil.

- The opinion that branded products are designed for women only, mistakenly, the company does not forget about men.

- Take care of moms and babies.

 L Occitane - beautiful oksitanka
   - The range of companies, there are perfumes.

The cozy and welcoming home - is also a L'Occitane. Always available incense sticks, candles, air fresheners.

The L'Occitane boutiques look nice even without make-purchase target, "lick the windows" - as it is commonly called the French. In the case of L'Occitane is well, very tasty activity.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova

L Occitane - beautiful oksitanka
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