Fashion experiment: I bought a bike
 With spring warming on the country road cyclists flooded. How many times as you pull in traffic, throw envious glances at the drivers' velomashin "who famously and briskly seep past the convoy along a narrow track between the road and the curb and hide behind the horizon as you advance only half a length ahead of the present vehicle. You look after them and understand: here it is the freedom of movement in the urban jungle! And once you feel a wave of warm memories of childhood, when carefree mchishsya on its "velokone" with friends on the river. The wind in your face! And it seems that the whole world belongs to you!

Why not give it all back? The progressive Europe moved to the bikes. And old and young, and the rank and file clerks, and even government officials do not hesitate to ply the city on a bicycle. Authorities Amsterdam Bicycle owners even paid monetary compensation for the fact that the latter - do not pollute the environment and do not clutter up the road already narrow streets of the Dutch capital.

Although we have yet oh, how far from the organized cycling with dedicated bikeways, traffic lights and civilized velostoyankami I dare this season to experiment and fashionable buy a bicycle. Total 3 hundred conventional units, and I hold on to the steering wheel miracle machine on two wheels. Yeah, to me it is not that simple "piece of iron" with two pedals, which I was in the childhood. Switches speeds on each handlebar, consisting of 21 positions and a small computer, issuing several parameters of my cycling, first slightly puzzles me. But hooking the leg, through a rather hard seat, quickly understand what's what.

By the way, to avoid overloading and fatigue of muscles during the ride height of the seat must be set so that in the bottom position on the pedal leg is straight at the knee. During the same drive pedal must be pressed not heels and pads under your toes. The optimal number of revolutions per minute - about 80. In order to avoid excessive stress on the joints of transmission should be selected so that torsional not require significant effort. Remember that it is much more useful to pedal more frequently than twist them firmly. If you do not have a bicycle transmission, the steep climbs, it is better to walk.

So, sort out the gear change, I leave the yard with pride: I have a mountain bike, I transcend any roller coaster, and I'm all out of himself such a fashionable lady, leading a healthy lifestyle.

Cycling is really part of a healthy lifestyle. After cycling - a kind of aerobic exercise, which is able to subject the regularity have a positive impact not only on our cardiovascular system, but also to bring a significant slimming effect. And this is exactly what you need for the beach season! Even at a small speed of 9 km / h per hour burned poryadka185 kcal, while fast driving at a speed of 20 km / h energy expenditure will amount to 540 kcal. In addition, when the most energy-intensive veloezde involved muscles.

The benefits of biking over other types of physical activities consist in the fact that when there is no movement on the bike traumatic pressure of body weight on the lower extremities. In addition, the very pleasant breeze in the face during veloezdy helps thermoregulation and contributes to hardening and accumulation of immunity.

The possibility of collective biking and combine them with useful trip to the store, for sightseeing or for outings significantly increases motivation and helps to gently and almost imperceptibly to load the muscles during pleasant leisure.

Passing commercials 5 km cross country, I feel like my leg muscles are strengthened. By the way, cycling is very recommended for varicose veins. After cyclical rotational movement of the feet, along with the pressure on the pedals cause blood in the lower limbs to circulate more quickly, which in turn is an excellent prevention of stagnation in the legs.

And already in the middle of the way I breathe deeply and more frequently, and, therefore, all the cells of my body is enriched with oxygen, releasing toxic volatiles.

From uvertyvany and turns on the road to hit the bumps and stones, I feel a slight motion sickness. Thus, practicing my vestibular system. By the way, regular cycling can prevent dystonia.

But that's not all the benefits of friendship with the bike. While biking pelvis receives increased blood supply. However, scientists fear that a too frequent cycling can decrease the sensitivity in the genital area. But abuse cycling I'm not going, so throw off the fears of scientists.

  Moreover, cycling is a great way to relieve tension and improve your mood. And by the same scientists demonstrated that cycling can improve mental performance and even prolong life.   Still would! From my house to the outskirts of the city on a bicycle about 5 minutes drive away When you cross the line of a residential district and find yourself on the paths of country planting trees, clearly see the sunset over the high-rise buildings, the life you begin to feel differently. Open space, it is possible to gaze at the distant rush. Thus, biking, training and vision.

The only thing regretted having left the first time on a bike ride, it's that did not bring water and that in the case of my bike is not provided for fixing a flask. So my advice to those who are on the threshold of buying a bicycle, make sure that such a device was in your future velodruge. And do not give up slicker as a gift. You will want to give up on the new bike away, and in the way the weather can throw up a surprise. Pleasant and comfortable biking!

 Fashion experiment: I bought a bike

Author: Natalia Hryshko

Fashion experiment: I bought a bike
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