Remove it immediately: it is old!
 Each age for women - special. And you need to pick up clothes in accordance with their age. Often, however, in search of ourselves, we choose what we add a couple or even several years. What should be excluded from your wardrobe, not to look older than you really are - Read Now!

• Pastel colors

Yes, do not be surprised: soft pastel colors (as well as faded, though faded) can throw a couple of years. But not all: the young girls, pale mint, pale beige, off-white, can, and will refresh, but women older than 26-30 years are the colors often do not decorate. All the matter in the skin: the young fresh skin will look good with any color after 25-26 skin gradually begins to age. This is not a cause for frustration - just now choose warm or bright colors depending on their tsvetotipa.

• Business Suit

I foresee that more than one reader's eyes widened in surprise today: "And if I work in an office ?! ". Yes, business suit can wear out - but not everyone. To avoid this, have resorted to some tricks: give up his jacket and trousers made of cloth of the same color and texture; never fasten "up" tight; Pick up a bright textured blouse; Use accessories - a scarf, a brooch, earrings refresh image.

• Excessive luxury

What has traditionally been associated with luxury? Expensive fabrics, stones, sequins. So, wanting to look at your age, but not older - proceed from the opposite: give up the purchase of dresses and skirts made of velvet and shiny and iridescent fabrics; do not wear massive jewelry from artificial stones. And if you can not live without a large set of earrings, necklace and bracelet, it balances the image - let the clothes will be the most simple cut and preferably monochromatic.

 Remove it immediately: it is old!

• Dark color near the face

Unfortunately, this is so - black and dark colors can hide a few extra kilos at the waist, but for the person they serve some other service - do a pale face, highlight the wrinkles and circles under the eyes give tired. So it makes sense to give up the black hats, caps, bandages, high neck sweater, scarf similar shades. In an extreme case, dilute the dark thing bright spot - a brooch, scarf, hat and flower on the other.

• Stretch things

Dressing dimensionless thing you get once in two traps - add on themselves and the age and weight. "Balahonistye" look good shape except for a slender young girl. For the rest, it - a taboo! Look for things on the figure (but not cutting into the body, or else run the risk, if not add to his years, a special pass is not too stylish), emphasize the waist belt or cut, choose the things modern styles.

• Massive clumsy shoes

A short thick heel, square clumsy nose, senile sole, boring and too convenient model for "grandmother" instantly turns a young beautiful girl in the world-weary woman. No convincing wear studs or high heels every day, but even comfortable shoes on a flat course will be stylish: a neat nose, interesting laces, the presence of decorative details, color inserts allow you to feel beautiful and confident girl, and others talk about your good taste.

 Remove it immediately: it is old!

• Points

But only if the frame is picked up awkwardly. The thick glass, old-fashioned eyeglasses, the presence of a chain or rope to the neck just add you age. Keep in mind that the fashion now thick plastic frames a stylish look at a very young girl. But a thin metal frame and the glass and the frame does not emphasize your femininity and elegance!
Author: Anna Hodchenkova

Remove it immediately: it is old!
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