Young skin? Caring properly!
 What do you think - when the time comes to take care of your skin? Someone thinks that interfere with the natural environment of the skin is only if there is a problem with acne and acne. Someone, on the contrary, almost from childhood clutter your shelves with all sorts of jars and sklyanochkami with miraculous solutions. Who is right? Today we talk about how to care (and necessary?) For very young skin - girls 13-17 years old.

Skin Care - only for those over 30?

Opinion on when to start using the funds for the care of the skin, greatly divided. This is due to the fact that due to the early use of creams can occur addictive   - The skin itself will cease to produce the proper amount of fat to happen violation of water balance in the tissues. If you use natural remedies (herbal decoctions, oils), the risk of this is minimal. Still, most of today's dermatologists believe that to begin to take care of your skin should be puberty .

Care must always be present. But it is - for every age a. In 13-17 years, the skin also needs care and attention, as well as in 30.

So, even for very young skin are required:

• cleansing,
• moisturizing,
• protection from the sun (it will help the skin to stay longer as young).

At puberty the skin elastic, fresh in appearance, but in connection with the hormonal changes in the body   It can give a lot of not very pleasant surprises. It is important in any case not to self-problematic skin in the form of squeezing pimples, because it can lead to even greater problem - the appearance of scar.

 Young skin? Caring properly!

The most typical teenage problems:

• tugrevye rash;
• striae;
• oily skin;
• seborrhea.

In cosmetology arsenal there are enough resources to cope with them and to avoid unpleasant consequences.

The arm?

The first thing to do - to listen to their feelings. Do you feel that the skin is pulled together after washing? Shelled she? If not - as long as there is no need for creams.

By choosing cream   for the very young skin should be treated with extreme caution. It in no case should not contain anti-aging supplements . For normal skin shows a light moisturizer for dry - if necessary, you can enter into the diet of nutritious. Prefer agents containing vegetable oils (olive, jojoba, grapeseed), vitamins A, E and C, extracts of chamomile, calendula, cucumber, which differ in softening and soothing effect on the skin.

Some tips:

1. For the best use of washing floral teas . Also, skin care on sale present floral water without alcohol. This is a good, consisting of distilled water and essential oils.

2. Do not use for young skin tonics and lotions on alcohol . Sometimes their advice for oily skin, but before you resort to such a measure, think - because they dry the skin and lead to its premature aging.

 Young skin? Caring properly!

The disaster called "pimples"

It requires special attention problem skin, prone to rashes. Remedies for Acne can be used only Dot Ie lubricating only themselves pimples, otherwise the skin may prematurely lose its freshness and youth. Before you call for a special cream is worth trying Care natural essential oils and cosmetics .

By Special care may be resorted to only in exceptional cases. This category includes scrubs, peels, masks . They are only used for problematic oily skin. Scrubs in this case helps to clean the pores and prevent inflammation, and special masks help to get rid of greasy. Allowed to use them once a week. You can not get carried away foaming cleansing scrubs   for everyday use. This product is intended for very oily, thick and insensitive skin that early hardly occurs.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya

Young skin? Caring properly!
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