Look younger without plastic. Part 1
 Everyone wants to look younger, but not every woman will be decided on surgery or Botox injections. Below are some tips to help you stay young and beautiful without the intervention of surgeons.

Less makeup

Too much makeup makes you older. Pay attention to the texture means easy - they will give you the image of lightness and freshness. Try the cream that line the skin's structure.

Avoid powder and powder proofreaders, they are too rough fall on his face. It is better to use tonal framework and creams, they are much easier and more convenient to use.

Liquid eyeliner - it is very beautiful, but is not for everyone. It is recommended to use a pencil, which is softer falls for ever and creates an excellent image.

Avoid cosmetics and brushed with metal shade, they can only emphasize your flaws. This is especially true of skin flaws.

While a woman ages, it is necessary to choose a new lipstick. First, the lipstick should take care of the lips so that the skin had no wrinkles and cracks. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the hue and saturation. Avoid lipsticks with a bright luster.

Carefully take care of sensitive skin around the eyes and lips - she needs special care!

Make your eyebrows graceful

Give them a smooth and neat shape, it is desirable not to use with the pencil. Try a pair of tweezers, and then apply the gel to the hair were obedient.

Look younger without plastic. Part 1
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