New ideas for gifts to men's day
 Want to make your man a memorable and intriguing gift? Tip one - approach to the selection it is necessary not with the mood of doom, and with interest and imagination. Then prepare to male day you take over and inspire. There are new ideas? We - yes.

Appointment, shaving foam, mobile phones are waiting for our brothers, fathers and bosses, but at present for the most beloved and unique creative work is!

Idea number one. Romantically-fragrant
What if you invite a loved one to an aromatic massage session? This could be a certificate for the procedure in the salon, where do you usually go. Talk to a massage therapist, describe an idea, and you will probably advise an excellent treatment for men. Arrange interesting invitation to the salon (buy a beautiful envelope and card) and send it to a friend by mail or courier. If time is short, then send the original e-mail invitation. Maybe then your friend will not be so skeptical approach to your salon visit?

 New ideas for gifts to men's day

A procedure can be a relaxing aroma massage and loved to do most. This can be a great end of a romantic evening. Here are our tips for beginners in this business:

- Any aromatic spa treatment for the stronger sex to be more full of spices. Then you will be able not only to relax the other, but also a little worried.

- But do not overload massage different smells, just select any one strong accent.

- There are two universal smell that like most men. Mint and needles. Buy one of these oils in advance.

- All men are crazy about the massage of the head, upper back and neck. You deliver untold pleasure to your partner! For the head massage is more suitable pine oil.

 New ideas for gifts to men's day

- It is believed that men need a more vigorous massage. But this does not mean that you have to sweat. Make (or buy) a sugar scrub and massage with scrub man, then the procedure will be palpable. Good luck!

 New ideas for gifts to men's day

Idea number two. Practical-caring
A great continuation of fragrant night-massage can be catchy and useful gift to man. Every time a present will give him relaxation and health benefits, he will remember you and, of course, be willing to meet. Our choice - Massage cape from HoMedics. If you choose a model CBS-1000, you can really conquer the man this perfect object. In this model - 14 massage programs, and it is possible to easily pick the desired intensity of the procedure. At Massage cape there is such a fixture that will comfortably place it on different types of chairs, armchairs and sofas, including car seat. This cape allows you to massage the neck, shoulders, entire back and lumbar. There heating function!

 New ideas for gifts to men's day

Maybe the thing, and not cheap, but men do not like one-off gifts, because they have a very practical and dealt with as subjects. So our advice is simple - choose a good and proven things!

 New ideas for gifts to men's day

Idea number three. Anonymous-mystery
Make an anonymous gift to the man, play with him the game: "Guess, if you can." Remind me about dating, its aromatic sensations, that he also falls in love with fragrant massage and treatments, as well as you. Send another interesting set of fragrant funds, and if there is a desire - added handmade massage mochalochkami.

 New ideas for gifts to men's day

So, we are looking for perfume and perfumed series of care with notes of pine or mint, with whom we have already met her man.

If your friend liking a refreshing and invigorating notes of mint, it is advisable to give him one of the following flavors:

 New ideas for gifts to men's day
Fragrance notes of mint Bleu de Chanel Chanel for men, Blue Seduction Antonio Banderas for men

 New ideas for gifts to men's day
Fragrance notes of mint Cool Water Davidoff for men, Very Irresistible for men Givenchy for men

If you want to hint at the notes of pine, the choice might be:

 New ideas for gifts to men's day
Fragrance notes of pine Obsession for Men Calvin Klein for men, Hugo Hugo Boss for men

We wish you and your men a great holiday!
Author: Olga Larsen

New ideas for gifts to men's day
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