Surgical intervention. Big breasts: pros and cons
 Big breasts - it is not only the desire of some young girls, it is also a fact that women have to live. We will consider all the positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon.

In order to become the owner of the chic bust, the girls decided on a risky step, as the operation. And the result of it can not predict none.

Firstly, any surgical intervention leaves scars. Scar size depends on the surgeon and the materials and the structure of the skin.

The European and American experts are always talking about that a small but natural breast is much more practical and more convenient . These tips and echoed the opinion of many physicians, psychologists and other doctors. The complicated procedure of breast augmentation is not only in the ability of the expert, it is important that the implants "settled down." Sometimes it happens that the side effects horrify operated girls. There are many cases where the procedure is very difficult, sometimes even causing death. The fact that different size implants administered. But we must understand that the bigger it is, the harder and longer the adjustment period.

The proper functioning of the chest and breasts results in normal operation of the whole organism, deviation, on the contrary, cause adverse reactions.   Predict how your body will react to the artificial organ and surgery can not be 100%. There is always a risk factor. We need to make sure also that you do not have an allergic reaction to drugs used during surgery. This, of course, takes place under the supervision of professionals, so it is important to choose the right clinic and to trust your doctor.

Tips for those who decided on the operation. Adaptation period.

It is very important after surgery to observe the following rules:

- I do not wear little bras because they compress the breast.

- Go slow in any case not to run, the more afraid of falling.

- To do simple exercises (only on doctor's advice).

It is important to bear in mind that scars you can not get rid of. At first they will be, it should be taken as a given. However, note that smoking slows the healing process (this is due to the reduction of the amount of oxygen in the blood). Probably, it is difficult to give advice in this case, but do not forget that the important decision-making should not be spontaneous.

Surgical intervention. Big breasts: pros and cons
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