Trend manicure Autumn-Winter 2009-2010
 Fashion - one of the most vibrant and attractive modern trends. By combining different colors, textures and complex cut, designers often create real masterpieces. But what was intended to give the image the final detail to stress the main idea, as well as highlight the nuances, it helps design nails.

Modern nail-industry has become an integral part of fashion. None fashion-show is complete without the participation of manicure. For nails - it is not just a decoration - it is an accessory that can completely change the impression of the created image.

The most striking woman in a nail-industry Jan Nordstrom Arnold - sosnovatelnitsa and artistic director of CND c seasonally team of highly skilled professionals involved in the largest fashion-catwalk, creating its own special fashion at the tips of nails. Thus, in the 51 show at New York Fashion Week fashion pedestal topped 5 nail-directions.

 Trend manicure Autumn-Winter 2009-2010

Ethnic motives have become the main line in the autumn and winter collections in the world Couturier and varnishes ivory - effective addition to the images. So designers Carolina Herrera . Jason Wu   and Tommy Hilfiger   We have chosen to decorate matte white lacquer # 109 Cream Puff and covering ivory with stunning pearlescent Negligee # 195 of CND.

 Trend manicure Autumn-Winter 2009-2010
 Eternal Gothic

Marigold covered with varnish to match the jewelry, as well as nail-art in a frame of dark gemstones such as sapphire and amethyst, became favorites Collections BCBG . Herve Leger   and DKNY . To create drawings on the nails in the style of "Gothic" CND preferences stylists were given dark palette lacquers with pearl texture: # 177 and # 253 Spike Cuppa Joe. Stylists Fashion Houses Milly   and Luca Luca   chosen "wine" cover # 127 Dark Secret, # 100 Satin Sheets, which are decorated with elegant fashion collection. To display Miss Sixty   CND nail-experts settled on a black matte lacquer # 259 Voodoo. The shade of dark chocolate # 410 Fedora has become a great addition to a collection of clothes shown Diesel   at the New York Fashion Week.

 Trend manicure Autumn-Winter 2009-2010
 "Moon manicure 40s"

Gloss, shine and hope since the end of World War II back into fashion and are reflected in the forms of beauty-elements: make-up, hair and nail-arte. Red lips, curly hair collected, the conclusions drawn by pencil eye and nail design, in the shape of a crescent. Ruffian Inspired by the style of "vintage", got on the cover of Vogue, has created a "moon manicure" in the colors of bright coral, proposed Vogue, to crimson, blood-red. The reflection of the refined steel nail varnish # 111 Wild Fire and # 207 Red Eye. For the fashion house Thakoon , Nail-CND stylists have created a design in the style of a crescent french-manicure with combination of beige and black lacquer. To implement his ideas are vocpolzovalas varnishes: beige # 211 Serenity and matte black # 259 Vodoo. One for the collection FORM   It was the combination of black and white coating to create a stylish manicure, combined with dark clothing, made in the style of "urban uniform." For this nail-design preference was given to rich white lacquer # 442 Retro White. To show Fashion House ThreeAsFour   Specialists Team CND created version of the "triangular" Crescent also with black lacquer # 259 Vodoo.

 Trend manicure Autumn-Winter 2009-2010
 Grey and "dirty" pastel - hits of the fall season

Perhaps there is no more appropriate colors for the fall than the gray. To display Kai Kuhne   CND Corporation has developed and created a technology implementation design using a wide palette of varnish from pink to burgundy, where indispensable element appears gray. Specialists team mixed shades of gray with color and got great options for collections of designers such as the Karen Walker . Costello Tagliopietra . Matthew Williamson . Yigal Azrouel   and Malandrino . The main elements of these spectacular nail-designs made gray paint with metallic effect # 380 Black Platinum by CND.

 Trend manicure Autumn-Winter 2009-2010
 Metal and vintage

Style "vintage", embodied by a metallic shades of varnishes, occupy a special place during the Fashion Weeks. Nail-arts by using such coatings, received the highest score designers. Thus, for collection Marchesa   stylists chose varnishes coal and metal shades, combined with jewelry with inlays of onyx. To display Baby Phat   mainly used coating warm tones of old gold effect, such as nail polish # 355 Trust Fund from the CND.

As for the form, the stylists and developed her unique needs. Thus, the focus of the autumn-winter season, a small length of nails and the "classical" form, such as "soft box" and the spectacular "almonds", decorated with whimsical designs.

Knowing these requirements to create a stylish manicure absolutely make you work. And with such a spectacular enhancement of the "last" mode you will always be in the center of attention.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina

Trend manicure Autumn-Winter 2009-2010
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