How to get rid of belly without dieting
 Kimberly Schneider - nutritionist advice which is now extremely popular in the United States. They are used and celebrities, and ordinary Americans. Among the customers of Kimberly: Fergie, Drew Barrymore. People captivating simplicity and the effectiveness of its advice on nutrition.

Kimberly - author of the popular book «The Beauty Detox Solution», which tells how to eat right and be beautiful, filling your diet with vitamins, enzymes and probiotics.

 How to get rid of belly without dieting

One of the main problems faced by the majority of women, is a big belly. The feeling of fullness, bloating, flatulence, looks ugly outlines around the waist - it's all very concerned about women around the world. Many say they feel a sense of bloated abdomen, even after switching to a healthy diet. Why is this happening?

Kimberly Schneider gives us all a simple tips on how to get rid of the hated abdomen.

 How to get rid of belly without dieting
   1. Do not eat fruit for dessert.
Many people believe that natural fruits for dessert - a healthier choice compared to chocolate. Of course, the fruit - it is a healthy food, an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. However, consuming them in the end of the meal, we get an effect that Kimberly Schneider describes as follows: "Imagine that the high-speed sports car has to go behind the heavy truck."

What do these words mean a nutritionist? Fruits are processed very quickly, because it consists mostly of water and simple sugars. If you eat fruit after a heavy meal, which is retained in the stomach for several hours, much longer processed, the fruit will cause fermentation. This leads to bloating.

Tip from Kimberly Schneider:   Eat only fruits on an empty stomach, it is better in the morning for breakfast, and then they freely redesigned, giving your body all the useful and tasty at its best.

2. Do not drink liquids during meals.
One of the causes of bloating - not effective work of the digestive system. When you eat, the stomach produces digestive juices, enzymes and other substances that help digest food. If you add in the digestion process water, it dilutes the digestive juices all, it slows down digestion, leading to stagnation and swelling.

Tip from Kimberly Schneider:   Instead of a drink during a meal, drink at least half an hour before meals and after half an hour after. If you can not just give up the drink during the meal, make sure to drink as little as possible, sometimes enough for one drink. And keep the number is gradually consumed during a meal liquid to zero.

3. Do not wait satiety.
The body during a meal you need some time to signal to you that you are full. So do not wait until you feel that the stomach is full. In this case, it would mean that you pereeli that leads to swollen belly. Remember to not just "fill" the stomach, it must remain a place for the digestive juices.

Tip from Kimberly Schneider:   Use a rule that can be called "three-fourths". Do not eat until your stomach until you feel full. Instead, eat as slowly as possible, chew well and try to stay when already eaten three quarters of the dishes.

 How to get rid of belly without dieting
 4. Begin the meal with a large portion of salad.
This method will prevent overeating heavy foods and dishes that are long and hard to digest, and thereby cause bloating. Salads, vegetables and herbs contain fiber and nutrients that will fill you up. For heavier products remain in the stomach little space.

Tip from Kimberly Schneider:   Do not refuel a salad with sour cream, cheese, cream or yogurt! Our bodies are not good enough to digest dairy products. This is one of the reasons for bloating. Eventually, milk created for babies (as arranged in the human world, when a mother to breastfeed the baby, for it is intended, and cow's milk, especially for feeding calves), but not for an adult and with age it processed all more difficult. I advise you to fill vegetable salads freshly squeezed lemon juice or vinegar light.

5. Simplify your meals.
For many of us, one meal contains several types of protein (meat, fish, bacon, egg), several starchy foods (pasta, potatoes, rice) and so on. All that we eat a variety of spices, butter and vegetable oil and other additives. Thus, the stomach is required to absorb the same time several groups of different products. It's not just junk food, it can lead to fermentation, which is the cause bloating and flatulence.

Tip from Kimberly Schneider:   The easiest way to prevent bloating - to move to a more simple dishes. Let per meal would be one type of different products. The restaurants do not order heavy snacks, and start with the salad. Do not consume with a pair of products such as animal protein and starchy foods. It is better to have them separately, and combined with vegetables, but not with each other. Think simple meals with raw or cooked vegetables not only prevents swelling but supports health and saves you time in the kitchen.

6. Soak nuts and seeds overnight.
Products such as sunflower seeds, beans, nuts are really useful, and they contain fibers and proteins, and vitamins. However, due to improper preparation leads to inconveniences in the stomach bloating. In addition, these products contain phytic acid, which absorbs the digestive enzymes, making the process of digestion even more difficult.

Tip from Kimberly Schneider:   Soaking nuts and seeds before consumption, you make them healthier. Soaking removes phytic acid, it facilitates digestion and increases the absorption of nutrients.

 How to get rid of belly without dieting
 7. Include probiotics in food.
Bloating is caused by unbalanced intestinal flora, and it is dangerous, because of the disruption of the intestinal balance arises not only uncomfortable, but also a variety of diseases. To correct the situation should be "good" bacteria, they balance the "bad" bacteria. Therefore, more and more we hear about the benefits of probiotics and probiotic supplements.

Tip from Kimberly Schneider:   I advise my clients instead of additives here is a salad with enzymes and probiotics .  It literally works wonders: it helps digestion, restores the intestinal microflora and pH balance in the intestine, and also strengthens the immune system .  A lot of time, he did not take money, too .  But you get the daily rate of probiotics for very little money, while many probiotic supplements are really expensive .  You'd be surprised, but this magical salad - this is a common sauerkraut .  Making sauerkraut should be as follows: in a sealed container shredded cabbage, add salt, spices (ginger or soy sauce), seal and leave for a few days .  A few days formed lactobacilli and enzymes, and you get a meal rich in probiotics .  Additionally, cabbage saturated with vitamin C and naturally cleanses the body .  I eat a cabbage with almost all dishes .  But remember that the fermentation process takes no more than 5 days after - all the nutrients and beneficial properties are beginning to run low .  Therefore, prepare a new batch of cabbage or stored at low temperature (in a sealed package sauerkraut retains its properties even 1 month) .  And if you want to get the effect of cleansing, include a portion of sauerkraut (about half a cup) every day for dinner and at lunch .
Author: Julia Shestakova

How to get rid of belly without dieting
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