The revolution in hardware cosmetology. New lifting procedures
 Hardware cosmetology - the section of the general cosmetology associated with the use of various devices used to improve the appearance of physically healthy people. Classic hardware techniques considered peels, vacuum cleaning, Desincrustation - iontophoresis, D'Arsonvalizatsiya, vaporization, and others. The age of patients who have shown recourse to specialists in hardware cosmetology, ranging from 20 to 60 years. This wide range is due to the universal mechanism of action of these techniques, allowing to choose the best options for different age groups.

In Europe   use hardware methods carried out over 30 years. And none of the above methods as a single procedure, "treatment"   both to experts and the feelings of patients, does not give a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the body. This is due to the fact that often it is necessary to solve a range of problems for correction and face.

In Russia   History hardware cosmetology is not so great. Less than 10 years. But this time, domestic Estheticians managed successfully to master many foreign and hardware methods to save their own experiences. Practice shows that the most effective results can be achieved only by turning to specialists with higher medical education, owning modern physiotherapy techniques and the basics of nutrition, endocrinology and applied psychology.

As for the general Russian trends in hardware cosmetology, it should be noted a gradual increase in the share of hardware techniques in the care of the person. Currently, more than half of the experts used these or other devices for 30-40% of the time of procedure.

The correction and cellulite treatment hardware methods have practically replaced the "manual".

And significantly increased the growth requirements of both the efficiency and ergonomics of the device (in the device combining multiple procedures), and to the attractiveness of the equipment (advertising services). This trend came to us from abroad, as most of the time we went to the development of the world's existing procedures.

In this way, the entry of new apparatus cosmetology was a foregone conclusion.   This device has become - Lumenis one company Lumenis (manufacturer US / Israel). Lumenis one - a unique device with multi- system designed for a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures. The device has a 4-light and laser technology, combined in a single instrument: rejuvenation, epilation, removal of pigmented and vascular lesions; cosmetic correction technology veins; laser hair removal technology; system for non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and skin tightening - Aluma.

Let us dwell on Aluma . Our skin - a business card in his personal life and in the professional field, career growth. And how we look, is not only our mood, self-esteem and confidence in our success of others.

 The revolution in hardware cosmetology. New lifting procedures
 Aluma - a new revolutionary system in the rejuvenation of cosmetology. It was invented especially for those people who find it difficult to decide on plastic surgery. Aluma - the only system in the world for the correction of facial wrinkles and skin tightening based on a combination of bipolar radio frequency and vacuum technology with FACES («Electrothermal Stimulation controlled functional aspiration").

In Russia, this Aluma only gains its popularity and a few beauty centers possess this technology. However, the results of Aluma speak for themselves: the effect is already visible after the first session, and the procedure is completely painless.

For a long time the only therapeutic alternative to surgical face lift and lifting were generally rejuvenation treatments and a number mesotherapeutic methods or a combination thereof. However, widespread use of these methods in non-professional environments (ie, people who do not have medical education) has led to the fact that these procedures have been greatly discredited because of the lack of appropriate skills and, as a consequence, successful results.

Now a lot of popularity is monopolar technology "Thermage", which not so long ago began to be applied in Russia. The procedure is based on the effects of electric current in the radio frequency range. However, the system still Aluma and superior quality of its technology on clinical effects and the adaptation period patients.

The main clinical indications for use are Aluma skin tightening face, neck, arms, abdomen and removing wrinkles around the eye sockets, on the cheeks, nasolabial triangle in the correction of facial contours.

Mechanism rejuvenation simple and at the same time extremely high tech.   It is based on a deep thermal impact on the matrix of the skin and skin structure on the protein and collagen. During the procedure, creating a vacuum draws the skin into the gap between two electrodes passes radio frequency, with which there is an intensive development of collagen, the skin is heated, damaged collagen breaks down and begins the process of healing and laying a new, better organized collagen, which is being reduced, tightens the skin, smoothing wrinkles. It is attractive and that the patient does not need time to recover He can immediately return to your normal life. Ie via preparation Aluma heating occurs intradermal and subcutaneous structures, which do not lead to the development of severe burns, however, causing minor damage to skin structures - redness and swelling, which leave for several hours.

Already during the first session observed clinical effect of skin tightening and wrinkle.   These changes are not persistent nature and therefore require regular treatments with a frequency of about 1 time per week.

In general, to obtain a stable effect requires 5 to 10 sessions (depending on the zone and the state of the patient's skin) is not more than 20 minutes. Prolonged effect is formed at the expense of repair processes and stimulating neokollagenogeneza developing in the skin after the procedure.

It should be noted that the procedure using Aluma is more adapted to the ambulatory settings cosmetic techniques, as well as It contains fewer restrictions on the use and the risk of side effects.   As these side effects may be erythema and edema, purpura, itching and discomfort, contact dermatitis on the conductive lotion.

And to the limitations and contraindications include the presence of active implants (cardiac pacemakers); a history of oncological diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders (epilepsy) disease blood clotting, anticoagulation; the scars, open wounds, capillary disorders (rosacea), lesions in the procedures; immune-suppressive diseases, taking immune-suppressive drugs and isotretinoin; pregnancy and breastfeeding; keloid scars, and skin atrophy.
In any case, before you proceed to Aluma, you must receive comprehensive advice from a doctor and find out whether there are restrictions and contraindications in each individual case.

Author: Thea Mikaberidze
Leading dermatologist, cosmetologist
Center for Aesthetic Medicine UNICLINIC

The revolution in hardware cosmetology. New lifting procedures
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