Star secrets of getting rid of cellulite
 Stellar bodies are constantly under the scrutiny of fans, paparazzi and producers that affect their careers. Of course, they have personal trainers, they use plastic surgeons and professional beauticians, but modern technology allows you to retouch and fix any, even the unfortunate picture. But still, the main secret of beautiful bodies of stars are certain tricks, many of which can take him on board.

Jessica Alba

Unlike their Hollywood friends who prefer to have a personal trainer and engaged in the club, Jessica Alba holds its sessions at home. Quiet home furnishings, there is no danger to face with the paparazzi and comfortable fitness training at home to help strengthen the muscles Jessica and maintain the shape of the body, the dream of thousands of women worldwide. The actress is engaged in yoga, cardio, gymnastics, boxing, tennis under the guidance of a "video-coach." This is an excellent remedy for those who have complex about their appearance, it does not dare to join the club, and believes that the house and walls help.


Despite his age, which is already close to 50 years, Madonna does not get tired to amaze us with its beautiful shape, supported by a macrobiotic diet. She eats plant foods: fruits, vegetables, cereals, soy and beans, vegetable oil; I eat very little animal food, and totally rejects the modified products. To maintain the elasticity of the muscles and strengthen the muscles of Madonna practices yoga every day seriously. And to burn calories and to combat imaginary overweight singer performs every morning jogs.

Eva Longoria

The main concern of Eva Longoria - to keep nice and firm buttocks that make it so erotic in the eyes of many men. To achieve this result and to prevent the appearance of cellulite, it does not spare any effort or time on a daily basis and do special exercises for the glutes, making them elastic, round and not give them to lose their shape. Differing love of high-calorie Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine, it necessarily then resets the calories playing sports, especially aerobic exercise and weight training. In addition, Eva Longoria is drinking a lot of water, an average of 3 liters per day, for effective removal of toxins from the body. The actress is trying to get enough sleep, because he knows that it promotes the natural regulation of appetite.

Elle Macpherson

So that at age 44 up to its nickname "The Body" Elle Macpherson prefer a balanced diet: vegetables and fish at every meal, a lot of water, a natural sugar - honey, fruits and dried fruits, a small amount of bread. And to maintain an ideal body shape, the former model is actively engaged in yoga and swimming. For effective prevention of cellulite Elle Macpherson regularly resort to pressure therapy sessions, which is held on the unit Bodysculptor.

Halle Berry

Recently became a mother, Holly Berry accepted to bring his body into shape. In addition, suffering from diabetes, it is obliged to eat very selective when choosing the food, which is favored by low blood sugar index. That is why its diet consists of healthy foods such as dried fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals. In addition to regular yoga classes, Holly Berry engaged by Harley Pasternak's original method, which is called "The 5 factors of fitness." It includes 3-5 sessions a week for 25 minutes and consists of exercises to develop muscle and cardio exercises for balance. And to combat cellulite Holly Berry performs after each shower massage with natural oils.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz does not differ a tendency to diet food. Despite the problems with the stomach, the actress has no intention to give up the pleasure to eat ice cream, hamburgers, muffins and other hazard. Instead, Cameron never sits still. As a true representative of California, she spends a lot of time in the water. Cameron Diaz 4-5 hours a day of surfing and this despite the fact that only one hour of training burns up to 600 calories. That is why it can not afford more food. A few days before going on the red carpet Oscar actress sits on a strict diet, which can be called "Green Leaves": in the food consumed only lettuce, cabbage, spinach, parsley, etc. Such food is pretty good nourishes, removes swelling and makes absolutely flat belly.

Victoria Beckham

To continue to be a lean, Victoria resorts to a rather harsh methods - she eats very little. Sometimes even resorting to starvation, in the remaining days of Victoria builds your diet so that it does not exceed 1000 calories a day. However, it does not use any sugar or fat. In addition, regular exercise have become an integral part of her daily schedule. In the house of Beckham is one of the rooms converted into a kind of dance class, where Victoria loves to dance in high heels. In her opinion, it helps her to keep a nice circuit legs.
Author: Natalia Biatova

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