Wooden bath - useful innovation!
 There just are not coming up with new products for our health and beauty! Another innovation (which, like many other trends, is well forgotten old) - a wooden bathtub.

Is not it with the phrase "wooden bathtub" an association with the inconvenience and impracticality, because all used to cast iron, acrylic, steel, glass and even Quaryl baths. Making baths of these materials seems proper and reasonable solution, and bath made of wood will cause distrust and doubt ... But what if we are wrong?

 Wooden bath - useful innovation!

How do wooden bath?

Of course, we understand that the use of wood to create a bath - more natural and beneficial for our body. And then there is a natural question: How all natural, does not deteriorate if it is too fast?

Because first of all it should be noted that the wooden bathtub not rot caused by water with proper treatment. In the manufacture of wooden tubs used waterproof rocks from which once built ships of our ancestors. Bath of oak, cedar, mahogany and larch will serve you the same long service as cast iron or acrylic, and externally, will probably look even better, and through the year.

Of course, no tree will sustain constant contact with water and quickly begin to swell and leak, so the surface is thoroughly coated with several layers of lacquer. And in order to prevent mildew, bath exposed to a variety of protective measures. This allows you to significantly extend its "life" and to improve the appearance.

And do not be afraid of what a number of protective synthetic chemicals harm you - they are completely non-toxic.

 Wooden bath - useful innovation!

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other thing, a wooden bathtub has its pros and cons, which we now consider. Let's start with the positive aspects:

1. It must be noted that high-quality wooden bathtub will look more beautiful, more and more original than the usual eye and bored cast-iron bathtubs. Besides, making a bath for the order, you can choose for her any, even the most unusual shape.

2. Wooden bath gives incredible feeling while receiving treatments. In addition, it has healing properties: wood relieves stress and fatigue, and promotes rapid healing of wounds and strengthen immunity.

3. The bath can be improved by adding whirlpool systems.

4. Such bath can live as much, and as much as 40-60 years!

5. Wood restored without difficulty, even at home.

 Wooden bath - useful innovation!

If you talk about unpleasant moments that will be faced in the operation of the wooden tubs, not to mention the following:

1. For many, the price of wooden tubs may seem unjustifiable luxury, as have much to spend on the purchase.

2. Do not use too often a wooden tub and bathe in her pets, if you do not want to quickly say goodbye to this piece of furniture.

3. For a bathroom really need good care, combined with careful operation.

 Wooden bath - useful innovation!

How to care for a bath made of wood?

Say what you like, and a wooden bathtub - something capricious and requires careful attitude. So you have to tinker with the care of her, but still it's worth it.

Nobody will give the best to take care than the manufacturer, you can completely trust, but be prepared for the following:

• Try to avoid contamination. If they occur, eliminates the problem as soon as possible in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

• Do not make sudden temperature changes and the adoption of procedures to rinse with cool water bath.

• After the adoption of procedures drain the water, do not let it stagnate for a long time.

• Do not wash or soak in a wooden tub is nothing, and certainly not to drain the dirty water and chemicals.

• Try to avoid direct sunlight on the wooden surface.

 Wooden bath - useful innovation!

When purchasing be sure to consult on the issue of withdrawal from the seller, as each manufacturer recommends a variety of means and methods of care for this product.

Wooden bathtub - something dear and whimsical, but the quality and useful, especially for lovers of ecological products. We showed you this unusual thing from different angles, and to buy it or not - it's your choice!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya

Wooden bath - useful innovation!
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