You and his parents ...
 Do not wake the volcano, or familiarity with his parents.

Our advice to help you.

So, how long have we been putting off or that crucial moment, sooner or later, he still comes. And the main thing here, as they say, not to fall face in the dirt. Otherwise, and familiarity will fail and enemies for life in the face of the parents end up being accurate. So get ready for this meeting carefully and in advance.

Mini presentation
Start your acquaintance with the parents of the second half should be in absentia, after finding out their names, preferences and hobbies. To call you in Mogi shine knowledge of fishing and floriculture, believe me, they do it will be extremely pleased. Try more carefully than usual, listening to his interlocutors, without interrupting the course of their thoughts, even long. About me tell a little bit, and of course, a good thing. About quarrels and misunderstandings with family and friends, condemning their actions, just is silent. But to tell about what you have a wonderful mother, and what a warm relationship with grandma, on education and plans for the future, for sure worth it.

Important remember that the whole evening you will be under close scrutiny, as if under a magnifying glass. Each step, the look and the word will be evaluated, and to be questioned. If the opinion and actions necessary to correct, being directly in the situation, a short story about himself and his family, a couple of nice compliment to his mother and father issues to be vigilant, it is possible to prepare in advance, and even rehearse in front of a mirror. And, of course, is to share your thoughts on this subject with her man - he as a clear ally of both sides, can make your little homework is especially significant adjustments. And in general should ask the young man, as far as possible, not to leave you alone for a long time with his parents to maintain a conversation, when suddenly you feel uncomfortable, or divert the topic aside, if God forbid, will the looming conflict.

So, the first part, to be exact hour dating is over. And you finally introduced to each other. Do you think you can relax and sit comfortably in an easy chair watching TV? No matter how true! If you won the first fight, it does not mean that win the whole battle.

 You and his parents ...
 There is still the most important and decisive battle   - The charm of his mother. With fathers somehow deal usually goes like clockwork. Take the trouble to find out in advance about her work, hobbies and attitude to life. Not to get awkward situation with funny stories from your life about cats, which, as it turned out, the mother in law can not stand.

Of course, obsequiously flattering the evening, too, not worth it. Parents notice is also a mile away. As the saying goes, be easier, and you will become his own man for them, thus, do not forget to show good manners and tact.

Be sure to compliment his mother about the different hairstyles and excellent taste in choosing clothes. Be sure to praise her culinary talents. For more convincing, even take a couple of recipes to your note. Words of comfort and a friendly atmosphere in the house are also pleased to delight the ear of the future in-laws. Importantly do not fold the stick and hold naturally.

Mind: "What, because I'm worried ?! "For the courage to take on the soul, of course, costs nothing but a few drops of valerian, it has not hurt anyone. And your voice slightly trembling, and a slight confusion in the eyes, it also takes a lot of enjoyable. "Waves - they think - then she did not care about the opinion of his parents. Nice to hell! "

 You and his parents ...
 An important step in the rapprochement with his parents a note that you grant them. Of course, do not forget them at least once in two weeks to invite me to visit, of course, if you already live with her boyfriend. If you just do meet, then you can offer together selected on Sunday picnics for the city, evening trips to the theater and to start just express your attention to them in the usual gift.

As is known, with empty hands do not go to visit, and this case is no exception!   The main thing here is not to be mistaken with a choice. Do not waste a lot of money and present original paintings by Aivazovsky and Shishkin. Aquariums, lamps or movie discs likely will fall out of place, too. But cooking utensils or pot plant (unless their home bred), decorative pillows or painted table cloth - always the right gift. If so, and here are afraid to miss, then go ahead and handing cake and a bottle of red wine, they are certainly up to the table.

It is worth noting your outfit in this memorable evening. On it you have to think in advance! Not too pretentious and frankly. Quiet and reserved. But, of course, put on a dress and my mother's grandmother's ballet shoes are not worth it, after all, his parents since the time of the mammoths. Strict skirt to the knee or slightly above, with a knitted shawl over her shoulders, and clearly the silhouette fun knitted dress, slightly tight trousers and flowing light blouse. All of this is acceptable. The main thing to look nice and neat. Expensive accessories should be excluded, but the simple pendant on a fine chain will be flowing quite appropriate.

 You and his parents ...
 Remember that your costume should allow and help cover the table, and then wash the dishes (usually it is much extolled in-law, though they often refuse this help!).

As you can see, it's not that difficult! Your friendly smile and gentle radiant glance - the key to successful dating. And even if something went wrong, not tushuytes and certainly not conflict. Show yourself to be with the best hand. Decent, nice and optimistic young lady, and even the noble principles and which are not alien - so rarely seen nowadays. And if you had met on their way, the necessarily have to be a pretty wife for their son .

Be sure to remember the first impression - is the key to the future success or failure in communicating with the parents of your men. Therefore, such an important stage in the development of your relationship Treat carefully. Quite often it is this visit can further determine the future of the pair, and the opinion of the parents, especially the future in-law, played a decisive role.

Of course, there is a perception that most parents are the girls of his sons already pre-biased, and this also happens. And here is your ally, only patience and time. But for the most part, they are people like your parents. They also wish only the best to the child, trying to protect from life's failures and mistakes. They can and should be understood, because she will soon find yourself in their place. In general, I will say one thing. Basic rules you should follow in the evening: Be yourself ... but it is the best!
Author: Valentina Pyatygo

You and his parents ...
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