New slimming shape and elasticity of the skin by Sisley
 For many years engaged in cosmetology problem of cellulite and improving skin appearance, creating funds specifically solves this problem. Today is Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global - Intensive anti-cellulite agent.

At the heart of the action - the global impact on 3 levels:

1. Regulation of the processes of synthesis and breakdown of fat in cells
2. Slow down the formation of new fat cells
3. The fight against congestion in the tissues and water retention

The result - a more elastic skin, a slender silhouette, greater lightness in the legs.

Triple modeling and firming intensive exposure through a unique combination of active ingredients wins on all fronts, cellulite and improves the appearance of the skin:

1. Slow down the accumulation of fat in the cells

• «Cocktail" of the active ingredients that reduce the amount of lipids , Fighting against the bumpy skin: flower extract of bitter orange combined with caffeine and accelerates cedrol "Melting" fats, facilitating their removal from the fat cells.

• Two new active ingredient, slowing the accumulation of fat   - Extracts of grains of coriander and bitter orange - limit intake of lipids in the adipocytes.

• And finally, first appeared in the formula "cellulite-Pro" in 2007 a peptide extract of rice   converts fats into energy.

2. Slow down the formation of new fat cells

• To slow down the process of adipogenesis and improve the shape, the new key component: sacred lotus leaf extract , Water plants rich in flavonols, increases expression of a gene capable of limiting formation of mature adipocytes.

• To counter the oxidative stress, leading to additional deposition of fat in the formula also includes: Physalis extract cups , Effectively resist free radicals.

3. The fight against congestion in the tissues and water retention

Compression of blood vessels triggers a slowdown of microcirculation, and compression of the nerve fibers can cause pain with pressure and compression.

• To reduce such local stagnation - herbal extracts: flower extract of bitter orange   and sacred lotus leaf extract   promote tissue drainage and eliminate water retention. As a consequence - a feeling of lightness and comfort.

 New slimming shape and elasticity of the skin by Sisley


Immediately after application:   Phyto-Svelt produces a pleasant feeling of freshness. Light, fresh, silky emulsion is instantly absorbed, leaving a feeling of comfort and softness. The skin is perfectly moisturized, in the legs - a feeling of lightness.

Day after day: Bumpy skin noticeably smoother, "orange peel" less visible, abdomen, thighs and buttocks tightened, the skin becomes more elastic.


- On the thighs: Apply the product with light smoothing movements palms (one by one) in the direction from the knees to the hips, and then strengthen the pressure to improve circulation.
Also - for the upper arm (upper arm).

- On the abdomen and buttocks:   the entire surface of hands in a circular motion massage the stomach from the center to the periphery, gradually capturing the thigh.

 New slimming shape and elasticity of the skin by Sisley

Recommended price: 7150 rubles.

Author: Julia Gnedina

New slimming shape and elasticity of the skin by Sisley
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