Bread facials
 To give your skin a well-groomed appearance is not necessary to go to a pharmacy and supermarkets, to spend huge sums on superfashionable drugs. Look closer, look at your kitchen. Can not you see there is a storeroom of beauty? What about the bread? Yes, the usual bread! Do you have any idea how much it all useful ?!

Bread - a head!

Bread masks give a sense of tenderness and velvety. They cleanse, nourish and tighten, improves blood circulation, helping to buy a healthy complexion, preserve youth. The effect appears very quickly!

Masks of bread face

Before you make a mask, it is necessary to determine your skin type. What's good dry skin, it will not be the best one for fat.
Oily skin is best rye bread and dry - wheat. Below is given a list of resources - choose what you want for you! Cook them very simply - crush bread crumb, soak it with water, pour off excess liquid, add the necessary components - cosmetic oils, egg, sour cream. Done!

Masks for oily skin

She always shines and causes a lot of problems. Reduce the fat content, using folk remedies:

Morning mask.   Do it every day, and eventually oiliness of the skin is reduced to a minimum. You will need a rye bread (50-70 g), and a little milk. Hold the mask for 20 minutes. After another 15 minutes, you can safely make-up.

The remedy for acne.   You really tortured acne? They are no longer small and inconspicuous, and huge and krasnyuschie? What to do? Try the broth, for which it is necessary to take 50 g of rye bread, 1 teaspoon of crushed leaves of burdock and the same nettle, dandelion, calendula, plantain. Fill with water, put on fire for 10 minutes. Ostyvshim broth wipe your face. Do this twice a day. After application of the solution do not wash for half an hour.

Mask of wrinkles.   Prepare a mixture of 60 g of rye bread, a teaspoon of carrot juice, 8 drops of grape seed oil. Stir all the ingredients and put the mixture is cooked for a half hour in a dark place. Then apply the mask for 25 minutes. Pamper your skin with this mixture in the evenings 3 times a week.

 Bread facials

Masks for dry skin

Dryness - no less a problem than fat. If poor care for dry skin, it can early age.

• Mix 40 g of white bread, 8 drops of cedar oil, 1 tablespoon of rose water. The mixture soak for half an hour in a dark place. The mask should be kept on the skin 40-45 minutes.

To preserve youth   Skin crumble little wheat bread, whisk and add the egg yolk and 5-10 drops of tea tree oil. Mask hold for 20 minutes.

From wrinkles   well to get rid of the mask, which is taken to prepare 50 g of white bread, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of carrot juice, 8 drops of grape seed oil. The mask is enough to hold 15 minutes.

From pigmentation   help get rid of the pieces means of rye bread, 2 tablespoons sour cream, 1 tablespoon of alcohol. Use this mixture to 4 times a week for 25 minutes.

 Bread facials

Masks for normal skin

  The mask, which quickly softens skin Making it incredibly soft. Take a piece of white bread, beaten egg, a tablespoon of rose oil. Put the prepared mixture for 20 minutes.

  The mask, which is stored for a long time.   60 g of fresh rye bread crumble and vkinte into the bottle, to send the same thinly sliced ​​cucumber. Pour half a liter of good vodka. Now is the time to send a bottle to rest in a warm and sunny place for a couple of weeks. When the solution is ready, they face a daily treat. Do this in the morning and evening. The contents of the bottle before use Shake.

The remedy for wrinkles.   Mix a slice of rye bread, a tablespoon of honey, beaten egg. Do not forget about the mask at least 3 times a week, apply it for 15 minutes in the evening.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya

Bread facials
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