Makeup for glasses: Top 5 Tips
 Beautiful frame glasses can add flavor to the image, to give confidence. Only the makeup for glasses should be slightly adjusted. How? This is our new crib.

There are 5 important tips on how to make changes, if you wear glasses:

 Makeup for glasses: Top 5 Tips

1. To tonal resources are not left on the rim. Exclude primer coating makes it too thick. At least exclude it in areas where contact with a face frame. Eye Cream put a very thin layer, or even refuse. Concealer say, but well shaded and powdery.

2. Under the eyes and around the nose, do not use foundation. In these areas, apply a thin layer of powder.

3. Do not forget the eyebrows, fill them with a pencil. Many people mistakenly believe that the upper arch frame should serve as the eyebrows, so my own eyebrows should not be isolated. Note that points draw attention to the eyes, so everything has to be perfect and have a finished look.

4. Mask dark circles under the eyes. The eyes should not look tired. You're in luck: Points mask most of the wrinkles, and even the "crow's feet", but the puffiness and dark circles do not conceal. Avoid orange concealer, the lenses it can turn into a bright terracotta.

5. Shadows: tinsel and the effect of wet texture - a wrong decision. Textured products for glasses - definitely not suitable. Matt - best solution. Cream shadows are permitted, but if they leave too much glare, you should mute its translucent powder.

Author: Julia Gnedina