Reverse-washing - a new trend in hair care
 Shampoo stock, co-voshing, and now reverse voshing - you know these terms? Or maybe already tried? If not, get acquainted with the new trend in hair care.

The usual three-tier system of washing hair is subjected to the next question. Remember, we were taught experts on hair a few years ago: the first step - shampooing, the second step - conditioning, the third step - rinsing.

Now there was a view that this sequence should be changed. First, apply conditioner to the hair, then - shampoo, after - rinsing with water or a decoction of herbs.

Method Reverse-washing   (ie, washing in the reverse order) is also highly recommended to owners of fine hair. He leaves after washing them shiny and voluminous. After shampoo does not weigh down the hair, it moisturizes while.

Thus, the main problem is solved conditioner, after which the hair roots to become fat by the end of the day, and at the ends are dry and hard.

One of the authors of the publication DailyMail tested on itself new trend Reverse-washing. This author made famous writer Alison Freer. She washed her head backwards for a week and found that the hair began to look better than it has ever been.

 Reverse-washing - a new trend in hair care
Alison posted weekly test results to their Facebook page

It remains a problem - matted hair after shampoo. But it can be solved. Firstly, it is recommended to wash your hair less aggressive moves and beat the foam as gently as possible. Secondly, when brushing is necessary to apply a little palm oil, it will straighten the hair and give shine, facilitate combing. But a sense of purity and the amount of hair will not go!

There is only one caveat. The new method is not suitable for those who have very dry hair and very thick!

One last tip: rinse hair after washing with filtered water or clean water from a bottle, it will make them shiny and will not be subjected to the aggressive action of hard water.
Author: Julia Gnedina