A beautiful tan - home-made tools
 Preparation of the skin to the traditional summer sun baths can be done in several ways. In this well-publicized cream suntan, which were discussed last time, have a lot of advantages. After all, their use does not take much time.

And due to the fact that the pharmaceutical market always gives you the opportunity to pick the cream or scrub, corresponding to the "requirements" of the woman and her skin like cosmetic attributes are often considered essential. But is it?

Sunbathing and folk cosmetology
In fact, it has long been known for homemade recipes means that can replace all kinds of tanning activator and other summer cosmetic attributes (which are realized in cosmetics and pharmacy chains). And their benefits over the usual for us SPF-brand cosmetics, in my opinion, great. It made his own oil mixture (which will be discussed below):

 A beautiful tan - home-made tools
 - Not contain harmful chemical additives (whereby the risk of allergic reactions when using low);
- A natural way to keep skin moisture needed to maintain the tone of our sheets and protecting them from dryness and flaking;
- Are highly resistant (so while staying on the beach is not required to apply them several times);
- And thus have the same properties as their specialties "analogs." That is, it provides long-lasting tan and effective restoration of skin cells after a rest under the scorching sun.

Therefore I propose to dwell on their recipes and features used.

Homemade activators Sun   created in the home on the basis of so-called basic and essential oils. At the same time 100 ml of any of the base, in which can be a oil:
- Marigold;
- Avocado;
- Cedar;
- Rice;
- Sesame;
- Jojoba oil;
- Olive;
- Wheat germ;
- Macadamia;
- Or wild rose;
- Argan

- 30 drops of oil seeds or wild carrot
- 20 drops of carrot seeds 10 and any other essential oils (in particular, green coffee, bergamot or mandarin).

The steps of mixing:
* Base oil (or a combination of several of its varieties) is poured into any container with walls of dark glass;
* Added to it essential;
* Capacity is closed tight lid;
* Mixture infused (if it is composed of 2 components - 3 days, if more than 3 - 7 days).

Similarly, one can prepare Balm tanned skin . In this case, suitable oils are essential:
- Cypress;
- Rose;
- Blue chamomile;
- Geranium;
- Lavender.

In addition, the composition may be added to sea buckthorn providing skin resistant Staphylococcus group (counting ½ teaspoon per 100 ml of base oil).

The process of mixing and infusion of oils is the same as in the previous case.

 A beautiful tan - home-made tools
 Based on any of the base oils can also be created exfoliating scrub . One of the simplest recipes that means includes sea salt (which can now be found in almost any drugstore).

For its preparation salt is poured into a glass container and is filled with oil (per 100 g of the salt per 20 ml oil). If desired, the mixture was added 10-15 drops of any of the essential oils used to prepare the activator sunburn. The solution was covered with a lid and shaken.

 A beautiful tan - home-made tools
 Subtleties use of traditional SPF-cosmetics
For optimal effect the salt scrub is recommended to use about 1 time per week. At the same time they carry out cleansing of the skin should ideally be in the evening.

To begin this process follows a pre-moistened skin and causing a small amount of scrub in the folds of the elbow and knee. In the next step means evenly distributed throughout the body.

Rinse with a homemade scrub advised to shower after 5-10 minutes. after application.

Oil tanning activator is applied to clean skin for about half an hour before leaving the house. Thus it is recommended to pre-heat for a while in his hands. A Balm is used in a similar way after taking the evening shower.

 A beautiful tan - home-made tools
 Additional techniques to ensure a beautiful tan
Make tanned skin tone saturated, natural and attractive allow natural citrus juices. And it is - not the popular belief and science-based fact.

The fact that fresh 100 -% - ing freshes from tangerine, orange, grapefruit, lemon and dilute to improve the digestive system, and (importantly) liver. And it helps prevent the appearance of age spots and generally well-reflected in the condition of the skin.

By the way, citrus juice is recommended to include in the diet of the summer vacation, and other reasons. Among other things, these are available in the warmer months freshes increase the tone of the body, it eliminates the effects of fatigue and improve focus and vision.

Root Juice therapy should ideally be approximately 2-2, 5 weeks before sunbathing.

 A beautiful tan - home-made tools
 If the beach season is in your lands now in full swing - you should try another proven method of enhanced production of the skin pigment responsible for its color (melanin) - salt baths .

To do this, you again have to stock sea salt (or use salt, harvested for the above scrub). And regularly update a natural refrigerator (preferably homemade) milk.

To prepare such a bath you need a cup of salt and 1 liter of milk. By the way, the systematic taking baths last ingredient they occasionally can replace 1st. spoon vegetable oil.

Milk is recommended to warm to room temperature. Salt also be diluted directly in it and ready to pour into the bath solution. If milk is used instead of oil, it must also be initially mixed with the salt.

Take a bath with sea salt can be directly before going to the beach, and after sunbathing. In the first case it is necessary to remember about the sunscreen, the second - about restoring cream or balm. Apply both kinds of SPF-funds, of course, need to after bathing.

Footnote . Before such baths instead of salt scrub, you can use your staff of bread and milk. To make it, the soft part of black bread macerated in milk and whipped blender. This means home cooking not only removes dead skin cells, but also perfectly nourishes it.
Author: Alla Pilipenko