A beautiful tan - the art of achieving it
 Summer heat and changes us externally and internally. And 2 out of 3 residents of our latitude, I think, agree that the main feature of the summer transfiguration of every woman becomes a nice tan. The expressive bronze or gently nutty ...

Going even layer on the skin, it perfectly emphasizes the dignity of beautiful female body. And, accordingly, gives its owner the confidence and good mood for the warm season.

However, to achieve the perfect tan is often necessary to prepare the skin to the sun baths and provide her extra care after the adoption of such procedures. Especially now, at a time when astronomers and geologists are concerned about the high solar activity, and health care providers strongly recommend to protect yourself from sunburn.

 A beautiful tan - the art of achieving it
 Are there universal ways proper setup to fire? How can you protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and strong to give it a healthy and youthful appearance during and after a stay on the beach?

Cosmetic for tanning, its selection and use
The most common means for skin care before, during and after sun exposure are known cosmetic brands. And they are not limited to the range of creams with sun effect. In general they fall into three groups.

 A beautiful tan - the art of achieving it
 1. Cleansing
Yes, high-quality preparation of the skin to sun bath include cleaning. Exercise also it should ideally be using scrubs with natural oils. Besides cleaning function similar means act as stimulators of metabolic processes in the skin and improve circulation (giving festival of the Protection healthy and youthful appearance).

It is significant that after use the skin becomes smooth, thereby eliminating the probability of uneven pigmentation. However, dermatologists strongly warn that scrubs on time disrupt the structure of the epidermis. So use them directly in front of sunbathing is not recommended.

 A beautiful tan - the art of achieving it
 2. activating sunburn with sunscreen effect
Any one of them should be applied to the skin immediately prior to holiday in the sun. When selecting such funds as necessary to pay attention to what degree of SPF-protection they provide, as well as your skin type and circumstances.

So, if your skin is too pale by nature or highly sensitive - you should purchase the activator to the protection of more than 20 units. These sunscreens beauticians recommend and red-haired beauties and natural blonde (regardless of their skin type). Science and experience confirm the fact that these girls burn fast enough.

In addition, creams with high SPF fit you if:
- You sunbathe for the first time;
- On your skin, there are signs of irritation or damage (scratches, burns and so on. D.);
- You have to adapt to the weather conditions the other climate zone.

It is interesting . Today in the pharmacy chains in our country you can find sunglasses with a unique vibe elaborate formula that is suitable for women with ... allergic to the sun. The secret of such means is the presence of special filtering systems.

 A beautiful tan - the art of achieving it
 3. Means for hydration and recovery
Why before the beach season is sunbathing lovers to fill their cosmetic components such as? Proper care of long tanned skin lets keep it elegant "old" tone and health.

At the same time today the cosmetic market offers a wide selection of such creams:
- Natural oils, has a pleasant aroma, provides improved skin structure and disposition to small victories;
- Softening ingredients that eliminate unpleasant sensations that occur due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

PS Besides these cosmetics to achieve the correct tanning apply universal folk remedies. I do not think that today they are "out of fashion". Currently, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity from different climatic zones using various kinds of programs to their application.
Author: Alla Pilipenko