Beautiful legs - easy!
 In the summer our feet need much more protection and care than in other seasons. And not just because now it's time to open shoes, dresses and long walks in the warm evenings. And because women should be fine everything, including the legs.

Smooth and perfect tanned legs - the dream of almost every girl and woman. It does not matter, you are given the nature of beauty, or acquired through hard work in the gym - take care of themselves necessary, especially since this concerns not only has an aesthetic component, but also practical.

There are some simple ways to make your skin beautiful. It is clear that the removal of hair - the first step on the road to success. Here's a few tips.

1. Regular exfoliation.   Especially in summer. The skin gets a healthy appearance, smoother lies tan (and natural and not natural). Exfoliating can washcloths, brushes, scrubs, etc. There is a great home remedy. Take 4 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with water to form slurry. And once a week to rub this mixture into the skin of the feet. The result - smooth skin. Incidentally, the paste also helps prevent ingrown hairs.

2. Uvlazheninie and nutrition.   The skin needs a lot of legs in more nutrition and hydration than you think. If you want to save, then after a shower massage, apply on the skin feet almond oil, olive oil, etc. (when mixed with essential oils, get a very luxurious means of skin care products). Rub the oil is necessary, when the skin is still damp. Almond oil moisturizes, nourishes the skin, relieves muscle pain. It is a great tool for the prevention of varicose veins. You can select any tool that will be to your liking.

 Beautiful legs - easy!
 3. In the evening on the hour lift the feet up.   This is necessary to improve the blood circulation. Legs certainly will thank you.

4. Keep track of the amount of alcohol consumed.   If you abuse the liquid, your faithful "friends" - the swelling. So try to get the moisture, not only drinking 2 liters of water a day, but also, for example, ... having eaten cucumber. Very refreshing.

 Beautiful legs - easy!
 5. Tan.   No matter how you achieve it - it is important to make it. Tanned skin looks healthier, less visible flaws (including cellulite). There are many ways to get a nice tan. The main thing is not afraid to experiment and test the sun, tanning bed, tanning bronzer tanning activator - choose what suits you better.

I do not know about you, but I love the end of the working day in the summer to take a ride in the car, his legs stretched forward. And it is clear that you need to be sure that the procedure pedicure, heels like a baby, etc. Many men pay attention to the feet, so they, too, need to pay attention (not to men, and feet). Here are a few tips.

 Beautiful legs - easy!
 1. Exfoliate.   Scrub brush and heels to help you. Tedious procedure, but without it anywhere.

2. Baths.   Every evening, do the bath before going to bed. Add the water a little sea salt, essential oils and enjoy. You remove the fatigue, stress and just exhale at the end of the working day.

3. Pedicure.   Nail polish - not only beautiful, but also practical. Varnish protects our nails from fungus. Even if you are shy of bright varnish, cover the nail plate colorless.

4. do not worry.   Try to pick up shoes for the weather to not stew too much leg. Otherwise, fungus, itching and odor, but rather fight against them will become your new favorite pastime. In the office, you can always change the shoes. And on the street just in sandals. If you are forced to bathe, then buy a good powder for foot and shoe freshener. And, further, the agent that is applied for the prevention of occurrence of these unpleasant memories.

Despite the very mundane advice, we often ignore them. And for good reason. The simpler, the better. After all, we all want to spend minimal time on routine. Therefore, take care of themselves a little each day, and the result will not take long.
Author: Vera Karabutova