Can you really get rid of cellulite?
 Once there was this "orange peel" each of us there is a question: "It's there forever? Or you can do something? ". Of course you can. Although it is not easy.

Studies suggest that 85% of women face the problem of cellulite at various stages of his life. I think of a lot more. Just the other 15% are either too young or carefully conceal your cellulite, even the polls are not ready to admit it.

It is believed that cellulite - the result of the toxins or sluggish lymphatic system. So many and decide to flee detox wraps and scrubs. Forget about it! Cellulite - is the fat, simple and pure fat.

In general, fat exists in us in all areas under the skin and around the neck, and hands, and surrounds the internal organs, but cellulite is not always evident. And only where fat deposits are located close to the surface of the skin. Differences fat, which manifests itself as cellulite, any other fat which is in the body - not on the biochemical composition of this same fat. So, the reason lies in the fact that contains fat, in what part of the body.

The reason that fat on the hips and buttocks, does not look as fat in other areas of the body, the structure of the skin and underneath connective tissue. Under the skin is fibrous connective tissue which attaches at certain points to the muscles. These mounting points are created clusters of fat, which look like bumps on the surface of cellulite.

This is why most noticeable unevenness in those places where the skin is thin and weak connective tissue (this thigh and buttocks), everything appears on the skin surface. Many women have cellulite begins to manifest during pregnancy because the body is preparing to stretch the cervix, breaking for that collagen fibers. It is the connective tissue in combination with fatty deposits and giving the appearance of "orange peel".

It becomes clear that only one removing fat problem is not solved. But should not get upset. Completely clean it up is difficult, but can be kept under control.

 Can you really get rid of cellulite?
 What contributes to the appearance of cellulite? On the appearance of cellulite can affect hormones, genetics, diet, sedentary lifestyle, and of course, the total weight. The healthier your lifestyle - the better the condition of the skin, and, consequently, the more chances you have in the fight against cellulite.

Is it possible to avoid the appearance of cellulite?   Of course, prevention in this regard is also needed, as in any other treatment. We have to work in several directions:

- Hormonal factors.   Hormones are important components in the development of cellulite. So you should ensure that hormone levels were normal. In the development of cellulite take part hormones such as estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, prolactin - watch out for them.
- Genetics. Genes play a role in the appearance of cellulite, contrary to popular belief, that the only reason for excess weight. Many thin persons have cellulite with age. However, to deal with the genes is almost impossible, and the category of the item include prevention difficult.
- Diet.   It contributes to the development of cellulite diet with high fat, carbohydrates, salt, and a minimal amount of fat.
- Lifestyle.   Sedentary lifestyle, prolonged standing in one place, smoking and high voltage - the main points that contribute to cellulite.

How to get rid of?   Let us not wait for a miracle, and consider only the working methods.

1. Exercise.   Do not think that cellulite cope better diets or surgery. Obesity increases the body fat and weight reduction in contrast, is a positive step in the fight against cellulite, because it reduces the total volume of fat (and, as we discovered, cellulite - is just fat, no more). It is necessary to do regular exercise to improve blood circulation and muscle tone thighs. For girls who are friends with the sport, it may be advisable squats with a barbell.

2. Treatment.   Salon treatments are quite expensive, but we have to admit that they are the most effective. You can recommend:

- Mesotherapy.   This microinjection that help absorb and dissolve the fat cells and increase microcirculation. Mesotherapy procedure lasts about half an hour, for the strong appearance of cellulite can take up to 12 sessions over 6 months to see results. Redness and bruising will disappear within a few days. A series of 10 mesotherapy procedures can cost about two thousand dollars! But the results will hold up as long as you maintain your weight.

- Lipolysis. Lipolysis - is essentially the same shot, only if the substance is injected directly into the fat to melt them. The composition of matter - a natural compound, such as soybeans, which dissolves the oil, and then metabolized by the body. For the results will need 2-4 treatments with 8 week intervals.

- Endermologie. This method was developed by Dr. Louis Paul Guito in France in the 1970s in order to restore muscle function after a car accident. The result was seen and cosmetic effect, i.e. disappearance of cellulite. And it happened thanks to the improvement of the connective tissue and improve skin elasticity. This procedure is similar to the vacuum massage, one session takes up to 30 minutes. For the treatment may require 5-15 procedures, 15 procedures can be worth up to $ 1,500.

 Can you really get rid of cellulite?
 3. Concealers. These techniques are the most affordable, they help reduce the appearance of cellulite, or even hide them. These include massages, scrubs, detox the body. All of them are the appointment of one thing - to increase blood circulation, rid the body of toxins, improve skin tone. Manufacturers claim that the high-quality anti-cellulite cream can work wonders. This is partly because, just "miracles" do not last for long as you use the product. As a rule, anti-cellulite creams contain caffeine, a known diuretic. The creams used property caffeine expel excess moisture from the skin, which temporarily makes the skin more elastic. Caffeine also helps ensure the flow of blood to the skin, and it will stimulate the development of collagen and elastin. A good cellulite cream costs about 3000 rubles, the results of his work, you can see pretty quickly from one to three weeks of application.

4. Tan. Artificial tanning helps minimize relief "orange peel". A tanning using become such that contain antioxidants (e.g., green tea), tonicity agents (such as caffeine), reinforcing components. Do not choose glossy creams and creams with golden hues, they reveal even more cellulite.

5. Diet. Minimize foods with sugar, alcohol, and refined products. Choose foods high in fiber (fruits, grains, vegetables). Tissue repair help spinach, apples, eggs, cauliflower.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin