Caps can not escape
 With the arrival of winter, we all need to take more care not only about the skin, because it is in this period of time, it becomes more sensitive, but also about our hair.

The most opportune time of the year to showcase the beauty of your hair - this summer. You choose different hairstyles, and unlike today naive curls, and tomorrow restrained smooth strands. Friends do not cease to assess their beauty, but what do you say to them when they get cold, and all the luxury hide under a cap?

Such innocuous and extremely necessary in cold weather accessory entail very unpleasant consequences: the hair instantly get dirty more often fall, and hairstyle deteriorates faster than its notice. There is a real philosophical question: to be or not to be wearing? Do not rush to conclusions: before to get even with the warm accessory, it is necessary to know what hair care is needed in winter, and how to keep the hairstyle "a la fresh from the salon."

  What a strange guy?

In winter common fatty roots and dry ends. Such a "contrast" arises from the fact that a section of hair under the influence of cold loses structural humidity, and in another part, under the headline, while in the "greenhouse" actively work sebaceous glands. To ensure the necessary care and tips and roots of shampoo is enough. Follow the advice for hair shining beauty and splendor:

- If the eyes - a mirror of the soul, the hair - a mirror of the body. In winter the lack of vitamins not escape, hence the bad state of health, and the hair on the comb. Urgently needed minerals and calcium, but do not overdo it with the "artificial." Eat more vegetables, fruits, fish and dairy products.

- Mandatory winter ritual - a thorough combing. I dedicate this for five minutes in the morning and evening. So you distributes natural oil secreted by the skin of the head, with the entire length of the roots, which slows down the dirt hair and gives them a natural shine. Use a natural bristle hairbrush.

- Use shampoos with a slight odor. The cap flavor becomes not so pleasant, that may not be the best way impact on clean hair.

- When washing hair under the cap, the quality of the water plays an important role. If it is too hard, the hair is not only difficult to remove, but also deteriorate. The main determinant of the stiffness - bad foam soap. To soften the water, add 0, 5 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 quart of water.

- Try to avoid coloring and perm in the winter.

  Masks show

Hair always require complex care, but in winter is better to put aside the air conditioners and creams and masks to give preference, prepared with their own hands. They are better saturate hair with nutrients, penetrate deeper into the structure and contain less perfumes, hair overlying breath.

Mask "hot mixture"

Walking through the fields in shorts - not your hobby, because at every step you waiting for it - ruthless nettle. And, behold, your hair will tell you thank you for the mask of burning grass: will improve the blood supply, the sebaceous glands of the scalp - and immediately stop unwanted loss.

Pour 2 tablespoons of herbs 400 ml of boiling water, cool, add a tablespoon of brandy, and 200 grams of rye bread. Apply the mixture on your hair, cover them with foil and hike for 10-15 minutes. Wash with warm water.

Mask "The egg is not easy, and gold"

Eat regularly egg hair mask. To do this, two egg yolks mixed with one tablespoon of honey and a cup of warm water. Then massage and leave the mixture on the hair for 15 minutes, wrapped head with a towel. Rinse with water. The hair will be softer, fluffier and zapasutsya power for the whole winter.

  Mask "Woe onion"

Grandma's recipes are checked more than one generation. Get rid of hair loss can be as follows: 4 parts of grated onion on a fine grater to mix with one part honey, then massage into the hair roots and leave for 40 minutes. Wash with warm water instead of shampoo.


Arina Petrova, hair stylist:

In winter caps and hoods are inevitable, but the hair can be saved, if properly wash your hair.

Comb your hair with a soft brush and make circular massage with fingertips - so you release the scalp of dead skin particles, which are formed under the cap much. Dampen hair with warm water.

Shampoo Pumps size of a teaspoon. Remember that the hair is not washed with shampoo and foam. Evenly distributed foam and wash it up as long as the hair is not "creak". In winter, I advise you not to overdo styling products - they pollute the hair. And remember to always look lush hairstyle and save forms, put on a cap 2-3 hours after drying hair.

Here you have a real course and passed the barber. Now you know exactly what caps can not only insulate the hair, but also intriguing because, underneath lies the true beauty that is not ashamed to show, even in the high society.
Author: Oksana Lipkin