Cellulite: if you do not win, then at least disguise
 Get rid of cellulite once and for all fail. But maybe at least make it less visible manifestations in our power?

Ways to make "orange peel" less visible:

1. Sunburn
Cellulite is less noticeable on dark skin. Another argument in favor of a beach holiday. Sunburn (natural or artificial) - working method for visually reduce cellulite, making it less noticeable to others. The first results will not have to wait long: 2-3-hour session of sunbathing on the balcony, on the beach or near the pool - and you will see changes. Do not forget the suntan: they protect against burns, but to stimulate a good tan.

2. muscle tone
 Cellulite: if you do not win, then at least disguise
   Note the elliptical trainers. If you can not go to the gym, take out the sneakers and every morning go out for a jog. Near you there are no places for jogging? Then buy a DVD with exercises and give up the elevators. The difference will be visible almost as soon prefer other. A regular exercise routine will help reduce fat on the hips - it will make less noticeable orange peel. Keeping muscle tone - this sexy legs, and perhaps the only opportunity to smooth out uneven subcutaneous structure.

3. Say "yes" green tea
You can not force yourself to drink 2 liters of water a day? Green tea is better! This refreshing drink will not add calories to the daily diet, it is rich in antioxidants that speed up metabolism and help the body get rid of toxins faster. Green tea works in the long term, and rejuvenating body healthy body. Try at least a week to drink a lot of green tea - and then you can not say that no anti-cellulite advice does not work for you.

4. "No" - sweet drinks
All the juice, which is less than 100% fruit or fruit - not for you if you are struggling with cellulite. Because fruits are usually compensated for lost sugar. If the juice - it is only 100 percent. If the drink - the only sugar. It is better to make drinks themselves. They should not be anything other than the fruit (or fruit) and water.

 Cellulite: if you do not win, then at least disguise
 5. Massage
Many women confirm that even after a massage pleasant changes occur in the skin. Dear salons to anything, you can do most everything. It is best to take a brush with natural bristles and massage your thighs and legs in a circular motion when taking a shower. Work and hand massagers. Use them with body lotion, strengthens the skin serum or anti-cellulite gel. A good bonus - the skin will not only smooth, but soft and bright.

6. Try natural remedies
The most affordable - the coffee grounds. Only the coffee must be caffeinated. Massage with coffee grounds is best done twice a week, then you feel the result. You can apply coffee grounds alone, but you can make a scrub: coffee grounds + olive oil. Rub the skin for 15 minutes, then leave for another 15-20 minutes. It is best if this turn shrinked to warm skin.

If there is no coffee, try this recipe scrub: Salt + grapefruit juice. This recipe gives the same results as the previous one.

 Cellulite: if you do not win, then at least disguise
 7. Make-up for the legs ...
The process of getting rid of cellulite may be delayed. But it does not reproaches himself, sometimes it does not depend entirely on you, because the process is influenced by genetics, and the individual features of the structure of the skin. At this time, until the process of struggle is, you can take advantage of its makeup. Apply to "orange peel" or shimmering bronzer powder, these products reflect light, creating the illusion of smoother skin. On foot, apply body oil (for example, dry oil), it will create the effect of stocking, eliminates irregularities. It is possible to add body lotion foundation and applied to the hips and legs - the effect is the same: flicker and glare, they are visually clean cellulite.
Author: Julia Shestakova