Facial hair: how to get rid of it
 Facial - eternal punishment for the woman who makes life miserable for those who suffer from it.

Unwanted hair often appear on the upper lip, chin and sides of the face. Before you settle on a particular method of removal, first make sure that the cause of their appearance is not a hormone. If you suffer from abnormal growth of facial hair or if your hair is very thick, you should consult your doctor to determine its main causes before resolved to remove.

If hair growth is not caused by hormonal factors, you can use any method of disposal. Using tweezers is ideal for eyebrows, but for removal of facial hair - is simply unacceptable.

Repeated plucking can cause irritation of the hair follicles, and for dark-skinned women generally result in scarring. If you just have a few "stragglers from the herd" hairs that occasionally manifest themselves, just keep tweezers in the bathroom.

Depilatory creams cleave them from the very foundation of the follicles. They are ideal for large areas (e.g. the feet), but can be problematic for use on the face because they irritate the skin and is not normally remove all hair. The positive aspects include the fact that depilatory creams - a relatively inexpensive option. On average, the result is stored one - two weeks.


Waxing - one of the most popular solutions. In general, it is - an effective method to remove hair on the upper lip and fine hair on the sides of the face, but it is not recommended for the chin area where hair tends to be coarser.

  Depending on the type of hair, the results must be stored for two to six weeks.


Electrolysis uses low-voltage electricity to destroy the hair root. The positive side is that its results are longer than usual, or after wax depilation, but the process can take longer and be more costly.

The main thing - to find a good practitioner (ask your friends if they can recommend someone) because of an incorrectly configured electrolysis may appear scars. Before starting the procedure, ask for testimonials from past customers and make sure that each time use a new needle.

Electrolysis is generally recommended for women with a white or very light-colored hair and for women who have areas with isolated patches of hair.


Laser hair removal - is the newest weapon in the fight with them. "Perfect" candidate for laser operation has light skin and dark hair, but good results can be achieved by an experienced laser practitioner and a dark-skinned women. In general, laser hair removal is not very effective for blond or light hair.

Before you begin the procedure, consult with a dermatologist to determine if your laser removal. Do not be amiss to ensure the professionalism of the doctor to whom you refer. Here are the three most important questions to ask to be consulted:

• Private whether laser or rented? If a doctor has its own machine, it indicates a high level of commitment and experience.

• How many patients turn to you?

• What results can I expect?

Avoid laser treatment around the eyes - on the area between the eyebrows and eyes. Since the laser beams can penetrate too deeply for this area more suitable tweezers, waxing or electrolysis.