Home Hair Removal: Waxing
 Depilation with hot wax requires a lot of skill, but that it is most effective and allows you to get rid of even coarse hair.

The problem of unwanted hair troubled women in ancient times. Why not just use damsels in pursuit of a smooth skin: and melted sugar, and honey, and even tree resin. Today, hair removal procedure using a sticky substance had a beautiful name - waxing (or waxing), which can be done not only in stores, but also at home. Now waxing procedure is applied to the skin of the liquid wax mass, which solidifies after some time. Finally, the wax using a special fabric or paper strips tear off along with the unwanted hairs, frozen in it. Waxing is perfect for girls and women with abundant vegetation, not only on the legs, but in the bikini area and armpits.

Interesting!   Hair removal with hot wax is less painful than the cold: warm wax warms the skin, thereby opening the pores, removes unwanted hair is much easier and less painful.

Cosmetic waxes

Solid (hot) wax

The basis of the wax is pine resin or petroleum products. During the procedure, the finished composition, whose temperature 38-42S, applied to the desired area of ​​the body in the direction of hair growth. The skin is warmed up, the pores are opened and the hair can be easily removed with a wax.

Soft (warm) wax

The wax is a mixture of resins and softeners. During the procedure, preheated in heaters special wax is applied to the skin of hair growth. After cooling down, he removed a special paper strip against the hair growth. Remains warm wax removed special oil has a calming effect.

Now a large number of waxes with different fruit additives. The additives are used: various essential oils, jasmine, chocolate, vanilla, etc.

Waxing technology

 Home Hair Removal: Waxing
   • Obtain a jar or drawer with cosmetic depilation wax, because it will help the most delicately remove unwanted body hair.

• Wash your feet and dry with a towel, but do not apply any cream or oil.

• powder foot special powder, which structure does not include talc powder is needed to remove excess sebum and better separation of the wax from the skin afterwards.

• Heat the wax in accordance with the instructions. Cosmetic wax should be warm, not hot, and have the consistency of liquid honey.

• So, we proceed to waxing. Use the spatula to put in the direction of hair growth translucent strip of wax up to the calf.

• Apply a special strip of cloth for depilation and gently flatten.

• Wait a couple of minutes until the wax hardens, but does not harden completely, quickly pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

• After removing the wax strip immediately press the palm of a purified skin.

• After the procedure, the skin sprinkle with a special spray or grease with a cream for hair removal to soothe the skin.

Tip!   The remains of the classic wax can be removed in a conventional oil for the body cmochit cotton ball in the oil and wipe the skin until all the wax is not washed away. Then you can use the facilities or serum, slows the growth of hair.

 Home Hair Removal: Waxing

• Do not treat wax the same area of ​​skin more than once in 1-2 days, otherwise you may have bruising or bruising.

• Before you put wax on the skin, be sure to carefully check the temperature of his hand to avoid burns.

• During the days after the procedure is not waxing sauna or bath, do not sunbathe or in the solarium.

• Do not use during the day to the treated skin perfumes, deodorants and cosmetic products with fruit acids, to avoid skin irritation.

• Do not remove unwanted hair with waxing if their length is less than a centimeter. The longer the hair, the better the result.

Interesting!   In the Ancient Rus Duchess Olga rid of unwanted hair on the body with hot wax and resin.

Contraindications for waxing

Various skin diseases, diabetes, infectious diseases, varicose veins, benign skin growths such as warts, moles, papillomas; various forms of herpes, as well as the idiosyncrasy of components of cosmetic waxes.

After wax depilation hair does not grow up to three weeks. Already after the first procedure, the structure of the hair becomes thinner and, in most cases, they are less likely to grow.

Tip!   To prevent ingrown hairs in the skin regularly use body scrubs.

Author: Inna Sedykh