Secrets of smooth legs. Hair removal, hair removal, what else?
 Finally, came the long-awaited warm! Down stockings, tights, and other components for insulating clothes - the time to bare legs, and other body parts, more recently, reliable shelter from the cold and prying eyes. And so it would be desirable that these views were delighted! What else can so attract the attention of as slender, smooth legs.

Since ancient times the world knows a lot of methods of depilation. Not only women but also some men preferred the smooth skin without excessive vegetation - such as Roman emperors body hair plucked with tweezers. Emperor Augustus to soften the hair on the legs cauterized caviar red-hot walnut shells, well, if we dig deeper, and it turns out that shugaring (hair removal using sugar), popular in recent years, is one of the oldest methods of hair removal, originating from the ancient Egyptians.

In the arsenal of modern beauties there are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair - from proven for centuries to recently developed, based on the latest achievements of science and technology. And to say which of these methods is better, it is quite difficult. All of them have pros and cons! To begin with we shall understand the definitions - "hair removal" and "hair removal". De pilyatsiya - a procedure that removed the outer part of the hair without affecting (or almost touching) follicle, the follicle, and because of their result is quite short. E pilyatsiya is aimed at the destruction of hair follicles and often allows for the complete cessation of hair growth. Perform hair removal at home is almost impossible.

  The methods of hair removal

Laser hair removal   - In the dark hair pigment (melanin) radiation exposure - treated hair collapses, falls, and grows ever longer. Laser hair removal - a technique really allows you to radically solve the problem of unwanted hair on the body for a long time or forever. In the world of this technology exists, and successfully used in practice for over 20 years.

Minuses.   The duration of the process, its relatively high price. In addition, the bright white hair and the laser can not be. Method somewhat painful, though in modern equipment provides cooling, which reduces pain. If properly designed wavelength, pigmentation can occur. Laser hair removal can not be done after the sun when there is an active melanin. The laser light is absorbed only by «mature» hair follicles. Such follicle body simultaneously from 5 to 20%. The destroyed follicles have not further grow, however, grow new hair. The complete cycle of change of hair takes from 8 months to 2 years. At this time and calculated course of treatments.

Electrolysis   - The destruction of the hair using an electrode that is inserted into the hair follicle, the hair color does not matter, which of course is a plus. All electrical hair removal methods are divided into two main groups: with a needle and tweezers. Pincer technique is gentle and almost painless, but does not enjoy great popularity because of the very low speed. Its essence is that each hair entrained fine forceps electrode which is connected with the unit producing the high-frequency current. Current on the hair shaft comes to the follicle and destroys it.

  Minuses.   The duration of the process.

Electrolysis and thermolysis   - Can be attributed to electrolysis using a needle. In both methods, the destruction of hair follicles occurs by electric current. But if the basis of the first - a process that goes through the formation of caustic during elektorohimicheskogo current action (chemical burn), in the second case, a thermal effect of high frequency alternating current and low voltage.

Minuses.   The speed of both methods is quite low, painful procedures.

Photoepilation   - Hair removal with light flashes. The pigment melanin absorbs the energy, resulting in a high temperature hair roots die. The procedure is virtually painless, although the feeling from clients, of course, individual - it all depends on the threshold of pain. Only a small portion of the visible hair falls out immediately, and the rest fall in a matter of days or even weeks. After 2 months, the procedure should be repeated. For the complete destruction of the hair it takes 3 to 10 procedures.

Minuses.   The method is contraindicated for people with high sensitivity can cause photodermatitis, it does not act on the light and thin hair. After the procedure, you can not sunbathe for 2 weeks.

Despite this range of salon hair removal methods, most women continue to give priority to fast, simple and relatively inexpensive method of hair removal. Especially because you can perform these procedures, and at home.

Plucking and pulling   - With tweezers or with mechanical epilation (hair grips swivel drum and pulls it). Stuff is the dignity of simplicity and accessibility. When hair pulling hair follicle is destroyed - the result after some time the number may grow hair decrease.

Minuses:   Soreness, irritation of the skin after hair removal, ingrown hair may appear when using the epilator. However, this phenomenon can be fought using a stiff loofah and scrub before and after the procedure.

Shaver   - Affordable, simple and economical way.

Minuses.   Short effect, sometimes ingrown hairs, the possibility of cuts, irritation; hair shaving becoming tougher, the next day after depilation comes easy "bristle."

Chemical depilation   - Depilatory cream contains enzymes or substances which dissolve proteins that make up hair. After the dissolution of proteins of hair is easily removed. Of the merits of it may be noted painless, relatively inexpensive, simple application.

Minuses:   The possibility of allergic reactions to components of the cream, and sometimes irritation. When coarse, thick hairs cream can not dissolve the proteins to the desired state.

• Bioepilation (waxing)   - Hair removal using wax. Waxing - one of the most common ways of dealing with unwanted hair. This method is effective, relatively inexpensive, gives good cosmetic results. There are several types of it: hot, warm and cold. Hands and feet are used mainly warm and cold. The technology is simple: on the desired skin warm wax is applied, topped with strips of cloth. After a few seconds a sharp movement of the tissue is removed with wax and hairs. After that, the skin is treated with special oils and lotions to slow the growth of hair. To reduce the pain can be used local anesthetic agent.

  Advantages of the method: availability, low cost, fast (15 minutes to an hour), the effect of a perfectly smooth skin occurs immediately after the procedure and lasts 2-4 weeks more, and regrown hair is much thinner and lighter than usual.

Minuses:   very soreness (and, cold wax harder than hot, and it is usually a one-time, in contrast to hot). Wax "captures" the hair is not less than 5 mm. So it is only suitable for long hairs. Care should be taken to avoid contamination, do not take a bath immediately after the procedure.

• Shugaring (hot hair removal sugar)   It is gaining more and more popularity. The procedure resembles waxing sugar is dissolved in water with lemon juice and boil until a viscous syrup. Further, the syrup is a ball that is rolled over the skin, and quickly skinned. With this method of hair removal hair is removed from the root. The result is a very smooth as a baby's skin. The method is not as painful as when removing the wax, since in this case is only in contact with the sugar hair without affecting the skin. Remove shugaring mixture should be in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Minuses.   Soreness, possible skin irritation. Before you master this technique to perfection, will have some work to do - experiment and practice. The syrup should be a consistency to shugaring mixture has turned soft, viscous or stick to fingers, movements must be sharp. But the result is worth it - the skin is smooth and shiny, like a beautiful ancient Egyptian!
Author: Olga Travleeva