These eyes on the contrary ... Part 1
 What all is said and sung for the eyes: a kaleidoscope of lights, two bottomless ocean, eyes burning, passionate eyes ... "I look at you, like a mirror, to dizziness ..."

  Well, if dizziness occurs from the feelings that give our eyes. And if an attack caused by the condition itself eyes?

No wonder folk wisdom dubbed eyes mirror the soul. Doctors TWO: eyes - a mirror of health. Beauticians notice: Neat skin around the eyes - a sign of how their mistress loves himself and cares for them.

  I noticed that the woman feels that looks good, if it's all right with my eyes.

  If almost any lack of skin (redness, pimple, gray, etc.), you can "hide" behind the makeup, the pale eyes with dark circles - is not possible to hide.

  People from the outside, in principle, can see the same thing and you in the mirror: redness, bags, dark circles, wrinkles. Eyes quickly "give out" his mistress where spent the night that ate and drank, what is ill ...

  All "evidence" are the result that the skin eye, first, the thinnest and most fragile. It very little collagen fibers, no subcutaneous fat, giving the skin to age and helps to maintain the elasticity of intradermal liquid. Instead of subcutaneous fat is loose connective tissue, which can be easily stretched, contributing to the formation of wrinkles. With age, the connective tissue in the skin sags and wanes: lumps of fat in between its fibers go down and form a bag that can be removed only by surgery.

Baggies   arise due to the decrease in skin elasticity. A swelling involve a violation of lymphatic drainage (see. below).

• Eye creams should be applied along the lines of least strain. On the upper eyelid, from the nose to the outer corner of the eye on a lower eyelid - from the outer to the inner corner.

• Second, the skin is the most defenseless eyes. It has no sebaceous and sweat glands, so washing with soap and water or unsuitable cosmetic products, the use of low-quality makeup violates pH eyelid skin (reducing acid-alkaline balance of the skin may be from 3 to 8 hours), desiccate it promotes the formation of wrinkles.

• Cosmetologists believe eyelid skin dry by definition, and prone to wrinkles initially.

• Third, the skin is the most mobile age. At night we blink about 15,000 times! And we have it three, apply and wash off makeup, schurimsya, smile and express emotion in every way! Our eyes are "working" for 16-18 hours a day, because it is - the main sensory organ with which we get 90% of information about the world!

• Fourth, the facial muscles, enabling the movement of the eyelids, also very thin and vulnerable. If the load on the big eyes, you can "shlopotat" severe headache (similar to migraine) related to the facial muscles strain your eyes!

• Fifth, the eye-specific lymph flow. In the afternoon, when our eyes work, the system of lymphatic vessels (detoxifying, slag, etc.) provides the normal lymph flow. In the lymph, unlike the circulatory system, heart-no "motor of" that it would "move". At night, when the eyelids remain almost motionless, lymphatic drainage process slows down, it accumulates in the tissues of water, salts, and other "products" of vital activity. As a result, the fabric stretch and in the morning we "delight" swelling.

The tendency to the formation of edema   observed in cardiovascular (increase in the evening) and renal diseases (already present in the morning), osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

  But it may be due and heredity. If parents we got very loose connective tissue and a soft touch membrane located under the skin of the eyelids, the age the formation of edema is reinforced. The membrane is thinner, and may appear hernia century. In this case, cosmetics can not cope, and offers a hernia operation.

  Sixthly, infringement of venous drainage around the eyes contributes to the formation of dark circles. When decelerating the speed of dark venous blood (edema, vascular disease, etc.) pigment hemoglobin fall into the surrounding tissue and the age shines through the thin skin. In addition, pigments may accumulate and age the skin acquires a characteristic color - from yellow to dark brown, almost black. It is those dark circles.

• Dark circles can appear not only due to violations of venous blood flow, but due to "vedaniya" pigments in color cosmetics eyelid skin. This fact is the case, if you use poor-quality decor and go to bed in "full combat coloration." Whatever the quality nor was your cosmetics, skin at night (especially on the eyelids) must rest!

  Black circles - a sign of lack of oxygen, yellow circles appear in smokers or people staying for a long time indoors.   For the doctor yellowness - a sign of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

  All of these reasons help to explain why it is in the eye area the first signs of aging and skin fatigue. To was "a woman some mystery," we need to help our eyes to keep all our secrets, surrounding them with care.

What can be done with a skin eyes?

1. It is impossible to wash off makeup shower gel, soap, shampoo for oily skin: such funds can dry up the skin, leading to premature aging and wrinkles. Dry and sensitive skin age is guaranteed.

2. Do not use makeup, not intended for the eyes. Using it, you can "earn" a nuisance from mild irritation and allergic reaction to serious eye diseases.

3. It is impossible to paint eyelashes hair dye.

4. You can not go to bed with a thick layer of cream or mask on the eyelids. Otherwise, you can wake up with swollen eyes.

5. You can not go to bed with makeup subside.

6. Do not use low-quality cosmetics. Pay attention to suspicious cheapness, unknown manufacturer, expiration dates.

7. You should not always "pose faces," it triggers the formation of facial wrinkles.

8. We can not always rub your eyes, "pick" them and apply nail care product against lines of least tension (often women applied the cream from the inner to the outer corner of the lower eyelid, thereby stretching the skin of the century).

9. Do not use expired cosmetics and long-standing. Shelf life decorative cosmetics are reduced since the start of use.

What love our eyes?

1. Special products   makeup remover with age.

2. Regular care of the skin around the eyes   specifically designated for that purpose. Eye Cream can be applied to the face and hands, on the contrary - ever!

3. Carefully selected cosmetics for the eyes   It marked "tested by ophthalmologists." When edema is not recommended to use active means of lifting, as they can increase swelling. If the skin is dry - do not apply the gel means that the eyelid skin does not contract.

4. Apply the cosmetic preparations according to the "demands" of the eyelid skin.

5. The minimum amount of cream Deposited light, patting or pressing movements along the lines of the least stretching the skin (massage lines). Evening cream applied at least 40 -60 minutes. before bedtime.

6. Qualitative cosmetics   marked an ophthalmologic control.

7. Sunglasses.   Firstly, they protect the retina of the eye and eyelid skin from ultraviolet radiation. Secondly, we have less schurimsya in the sun, and it prevents the formation of wrinkles. Third, it is fashionable!

  8. Properly organized workplace.   Office furniture should be so selected that the distance from the nose to the working surface (desk, computer monitor, etc.) is not less than 33-35 cm.

  The workplace should be sufficiently lit, but the working surface should not reflect sunlight or lamps.

  The brightness of the monitor should not irritate. It is recommended to change depending on the light of the working room.

  The computer screen should be positioned so as to look at it was falling from the top down. This will not only save your eyes from the surge, but contributes to the prevention of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine.

  Every hour start a 5-minute rest your eyes. American scientists have recommended to play computer games like shooters and brodilok. According to them, these games are not more than an hour a day can improve eyesight.

To be continued...
Author: Valery Maslov