Tips for nearly painless bikini waxing
 There are few women who say that bikini waxing - it does not hurt. But there are ways to reduce the pain.

1.   If you are new products in the Waxing, start it with a professional to learn how to work with wax. After a few times you will try to use this method in conjunction with the master, you can try to do it at home by yourself. And then be able to save on the cabin. And how to reduce the pain - read on.

2. Do critical days after the procedure. The pain threshold is higher at the beginning of menstruation and for a week afterwards.

3. Keep calm. When you do waxing in the salon, master, of course, will see almost everything that you want to hide. The most that will be on you - it's a paper strip covering the crotch, or disposable thong panties. But do not hesitate and do not worry, you have to be relaxed, not tense, then the pain will be less.

4.   Start with less. Do not immediately adjust to Brazilian waxing (when removed all the hair), start with a smaller area, continue the next time.

5.   Exfoliate. The day before waxing make good the alleged exfoliation, then wax can capture even the shortest hairs, and the result will hold longer. Only never exfoliate your skin in the day of the procedure!

 Tips for nearly painless bikini waxing
 6.   Speak. Try to communicate with the master during the procedure, it will decrease the pain. It is better to talk and even sing a song than to suffer in silence.

7.   Use a hard wax, it removes the hair softer, because it does not cling to the skin. Find a salon in which the hard wax is used (for example, by Sally Hansen). Hard wax does not injure the skin and it's important.

8.   Buy at the pharmacy pain pills, take one hour prior to the procedure. Just do not aspirin tablets containing aspirin. Aspirin thins the blood and makes the skin more prone to bruising and bleeding.

9. Breathe deeply. Some think that it is necessary to hold the breath, then the pain will be transferred more easily. Nothing like this! Instead, take a deep breath (or three consecutive breaths) before removing the wax, and then exhale with a good jerk wax strips.

10.   Not all areas are equally sensitive bikini area. Hair removal in the lower abdomen is more painful than around the entrance to the vagina.

eleven.   Coughed. This council gives many interiors master. Just prior to the breakdown of wax coughed. It sounds strange, but it would distract from the pain.

 Tips for nearly painless bikini waxing
 12.   Motivation! An additional incentive to make painful procedure will be the realization that in the end you get a sexy body, attractive smooth bikini area. Checked: hairs become more scarce, and new grow only 3-4 weeks, and eventually the subsequent procedure and did draw it for 6 weeks.

13.   For anesthesia can try a special anesthetic cream. He applied to the skin before the procedure (half an hour), the skin a little numb from it, becomes less sensitive. As a part of these funds - lidocaine. There are creams with lidocaine, there are sprays.

14.   100 grams for bravery. Funny, but some girls it also helps.

15.   Freeze - a good way to cause the skin to numbness. However, for the bikini area, doctors are not always advised. It may damage the external genitalia, the female reproduction organs chill.

16. Some girls do not can withstand the procedure on the bikini waxing. To find out whether you can bear the pain and discomfort, first try waxing at the armpits or on the feet. If it is impossible to sustain, then experiment with the bikini is not necessary.

17. Calm yourself. With all the cons, waxing is one of the safest compared to laser and shave. Millions of women are doing it. You also soak.

18. With each wax procedure pain will be less. The longer you do waxing, the less painful it will be for you.

Masters waxing like to repeat: All customers begin with pain, but the outcome of the procedure, so they like that they can no longer imagine anything but waxing!
Author: Julia Shestakova