Wonder banks or cellulite vacuum (cupping) massage at home
 Several years ago I first heard about the vacuum massage on television: in the program "Shop on the sofa" offers a device that can do it at home. Later, I found in a drugstore set of two cans. It cost ten times cheaper than the unit, which was discussed above, and could also be used for vacuum massage, which also has anti-cellulite effect.

Since it was not long before the celebration of International Women's Day on 8 March, I decided to make such gifts to girlfriends and female relative, bought all the cans kits in pharmacies of the city, as well as all the oils and creams for anti-cellulite massage. All the girls and women who have received such unique gifts, praise them, even before the award of a present, I warned them all that there is no hint of a gift does not.

I must say that any massage affects the nervous system by mechanical stimulation of the nerve endings of the skin, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and blood vessels walls. After that irritation caused by these impulses are transmitted to the central nervous system and reach the desired portion of the cerebral cortex. Thus, there is a reaction that causes physiological changes in the body - fever, increased blood flow to the site of action.

 Wonder banks or cellulite vacuum (cupping) massage at home

Cupping (vacuum) massage
The basis of canned (or vacuum) massage is a reflex method based on the stimulation of skin receptors by vacuum created in the bank .  As a result of the influence of canned massage improves blood circulation, interstitial fluid and lymph .  Furthermore, in massaged area of ​​the body is enhanced not only skin respiration, and metabolism (in general), but also eliminates the phenomena of stagnation .  As a result, after the procedure the skin becomes elastic, increases its resistance to mechanical and thermal factors, improving the contractile function of the muscles, increases the elasticity and tone .  Under the influence of the vacuum is released therapy extract sweat and sebaceous glands, which structure (besides salt) include: urea, acetone, bile acids, substances which are toxic for the organism (in certain concentrations) .  That is why in the end it is possible to compare the banka massage method with the bath effect . 

 Wonder banks or cellulite vacuum (cupping) massage at home

Cellulite Vacuum (cupping) massage
Vacuum (cupping) active anti-cellulite massage is used in cosmetics in order to eliminate the effect of "orange peel" and the treatment of local cellulite on back of the thigh, the buttocks and the zone "breeches" .  Sam massage is done by setting the bank and its movement on the surface of the skin .  The vacuum created in the vacuum massage, increases the metabolic rate, increases oxygen supply to tissues, improves blood circulation .  This effect contributes to stimulating lymphatic drainage, strengthening and renewal of the skin, resulting in the elimination of "orange peel" .  Moreover, long-term exposure to banks there is a gap of restriction (adhesions) and leveled subcutaneous fat .  I must say that a similar effect will be several times greater than with manual massage .  In addition, during the Bank's impact caused a slight stretching of the skin, turns out to be a fibrous cellulite is very useful effect .

 Wonder banks or cellulite vacuum (cupping) massage at home
 The methodology of the anti-cellulite massage vacuum

- Before the massage you need to warm up the skin of the buttocks and thighs, for example, in the bath or shower.

- Then lubricate the preheated skin anti-cellulite cream, jelly, gel or hot oil.

- In order to put the bank, it is necessary to greatly compress the balloon with your fingers around the middle, and then firmly set foundation of the banks on the skin, and then let it go.

- It should be dosed by the partial vacuum compression banks, focusing on their own feelings.

- Carry on the front, back and side of the thighs and buttocks straight, circular, zigzag motion, holding, but without compressing the cylinder banks.

- Carry out the procedure for five - ten minutes to stand hyperemia (redness of the skin).

- After the procedure, the bank must be removed by squeezing her hand fingers cylinder.

 Wonder banks or cellulite vacuum (cupping) massage at home
 The procedures are best done daily or every other day. The most effective course of vacuum massage if it (depending on the case) composed of ten - twenty sessions. To maintain stable result is recommended two - four courses per year, which will be of a preventive nature, and to help maintain the achieved effect.

Note that not do massage with appendectomy and herniotomy. In addition, it is impossible to massage the inner thigh.

 Wonder banks or cellulite vacuum (cupping) massage at home
 Working with banks
Before and after the procedure must disinfect cans. To do this, rub them twice (with an interval of ten minutes) of calico cloth or gauze, pre-moistened with a three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution with the addition of 0, 5% of detergent, such as "Lotus". Or you can use for the treatment of a one percent solution of chlorine bleach. Expiry date printed on the tins and not less than three years from the date of manufacture.

In conclusion I would like to draw attention to the fact that today such a massage can be done also in cosmetology centers with the help of special equipment. Such procedures can be called, for example, roller-vacuum or lymph drainage massage. And only you can choose the method of treatment: the clinic (for the money, with the help of a special device) or the (free and yourself) at home.
Author: Stella Allates