35 ideas for the eyes and eyebrows
 You are correct paint eyes? You have a good eyebrow pencil? You know how to paint over all the eyelashes? And lumps on eyelashes - this is from what? If you are interested in the answers to these and other questions related to eye makeup, we decided to gather tips professional beauticians and makeup artists on this occasion. Interesting? Read.

  1. Before applying mascara, eyelash must be degreased makeup remover without oil content.

  2. If you are not very long and thick eyelashes, do not buy lengthening mascara. It visually make them even more rare. For such eyelashes mascara need only make the eyelashes thick.

  3. Mascara should emphasize the color of the iris, the color of your eyes.

  4. Color ink is good when a lot of sun.

  5. Proper brush - is the protection of lumps. If brushes are the remains of the carcass, and then they will be lumpy. Better to choose modern mascara with good smooth brush, for example, rubber. These brushes do not hurt eyelashes, they are easy to "give" mascara to eyelashes.

  6.  35 ideas for the eyes and eyebrows
  7. Never apply mascara to the eyelashes, already covered with ink - it does not give your lashes volume, but only add unsightly lumps.

  8. Do not disregard the lower lashes, they reveal the mind, but do not overload them too, just paint the tips, you do not want a heavy look.

  9. Use tweezers for eyelashes before applying mascara, otherwise the eyelashes may break.

  10. If you are using tweezers often required to intensively nourish the lashes, since any wave dehydrates and robs food.

  11. No need to paint the eyelid liner inwardly from the beginning to the end of line monotonous because it gives the age and reduces eye. The bar should be "live" in various thicknesses and colors.

  12. Eyeliner can adjust the shape of the eye. If you do it will thicken in the middle of the century, this "round up" the eyes and adjust rare eyelashes. If you produce a thickening of the inner corner of the eyes - the look will be "surprised" and no one will notice far set eyes, and if a thickening - with the outer corner of the eye, it will mark the classic "seductive" look, as well as adjust the close-set eyes.

  13. If you want to enhance the almond-shaped eyes, stained lashes as follows: first, a single layer of all eyelashes, second and third layers of mascara only cover the outer corner of the eye and a little bit in the direction toward the temple.

  14. Brown mascara looks as bright, but does look softer.

  15. Small eyes: move the white pencil inside of the lower eyelid. Then put the light in the corner of the eye shadows on the entire surface of the movable century.

  16. Eyebrows can dramatically change the look, image and expression. Once consult a good specialist, it will make you a form that you will support in the future.

  17. In order to "detach" eyebrows, highlight them, and that his eyebrows did not look heavy or too thick, apply them directly under the line of light pastel shades of shadows, of course, after everything carefully shade.

  18. Arrows can be done not only black eyeliner, but also trendy this year, light or color: color of melted water, white, green or even fuchsia. It visually increases the eye.

  19. Eyeliner applied over the shadows, so makeup will last longer.

  20. Mascara is usually applied at the end of makeup, but there are images where the powdered ink - this idea make-up artist, and then everything should be done by the rules.

  21.  35 ideas for the eyes and eyebrows
  22. If you have sensitive skin, look for special tools for removing eye make-up, passed ophthalmologic control. Just such funds are surfactants, moisturizers and plant extracts, they quickly "dissolved" with the eye make-up, relieve dryness and flaking, do not cause irritation and tears.

  23. Before damp sponge to wash off ink, beneath the lower lashes napkin to the lower eyelid color mascara is absorbed and does not get dark circles under the eyes.

  24. Waterproof mascara is better to wash with special tool designed for removing waterproof makeup, usually a two-phase fluid is oil-based.

  25. Makeup removal is best done in the order with the upper eyelid - from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, and on the lower eyelid, on the contrary - from the outer to the inner corner. This will avoid stretching the delicate skin around the eyes and wrinkles.

  26. Ideal paints over each cilium vibrating mascara (eg Oscillation mascara from Lancome). But if you can not for any reason to use it, you can just have it, "learn." Mascara manual follows the path of those movements that are often hand doing a make-up artists to paint over each cilium. These may be your movements ink.

  27. If the eyes are small and they want more "open" apply mascara on the tips of lashes twirled movements. To his eyes seemed more just try to make up the upper lashes two coats of mascara.

  28. Before going to bed, rub in the eyelashes castor oil or gel with natural herbal ingredients. This will strengthen weak and brittle eyelashes, enhance their growth, and will also be a good prevention, if you is no such problems.

  29. In the winter months give lashes a break from waterproof mascara. In the winter is better to use mascara with vitamins A, B, C, E, panthenol and a special complex to restore keratin.

  30. Use a palette of shades with them easier to achieve smooth transitions. Many manufacturers "help" us in this, production of finished pallets, use them, they are created by professionals in the field of makeup.

  31.  35 ideas for the eyes and eyebrows
  32. After 35 years it is better to abandon creamy shadows: they can emphasize wrinkles on the eyelids and roll.

  33. After 35 lashes better to paint a black or brown ink, but not the color! Color ink on an adult woman looks a bit vulgar and frivolous. At the age needed the noble and natural colors in makeup.

  34. For women over 40 is better to avoid shadows with glitter, choose matte. Mascara is better to choose brown. And if you emphasize the eyebrows, do not overdo it: brightly painted eyebrows will add a couple of years.

  35. After 50 years, do not use eyeliner, black mascara, do not make vibrant eye contour, otherwise draw attention to the wrinkles around the eyes. Mascara and eyebrow pencil - brown.

  36. Shadow kept longer if you first put on the eyelids and moisturizing fluid powder. Or use a special base for the shade, it will transform any shade resistant. Watercolor effect on shadows can be achieved as follows: before opening the shadows, put the lid on everything any lip balm. Then go to the shadows. With careful shading turns light watercolor effect.

  37. Eyeliner should be changed as often as ink, it can also deteriorate. After all, if the ink is stored in a sealed package is enough, the pencil is constantly in contact with the external environment, it is dry, oxidizes, and so on. Often sharpen a pencil, renewing its surface. A good pencil should be soft and easy to apply without additional humidification. At the same time to be persistent and not crumble. For centuries, very sensitive skin, and should be used only "fresh" pencils better with the content of jojoba oil, which improves the elasticity of such a delicate eyelid skin and contains vitamin E, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

  38. It is best to use pencil with buildings made of natural solid wood. This is the only basis for the most hygienic, it is an excellent antiseptic and prevents the growth of microbes, so even with the emergence of modern plastics and resins, offering the best brands is wooden pencils, it is only natural wood is able to protect your eyes and skin.

Author: Julia Gnedina