Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1
 I do not know whether the transferred sense of style and the ability to combine with each other inherited things, but I do know that it can be learned. Each of us sometimes doubt whether that same skirt worn this blouse. The situation is aggravated by the fact that things are in the closet, as though nothing bought. And anyway, no one we really did not teach: what, how, and why. Therefore, in order to facilitate us to make difficult decisions and to save time, not bad to know the rules.

Rules, rules, rules ...

Rule one. Organize Closet.

Now we are not talking about a set of basic things in the closet (though this is also important). We are talking about the order. Yes, the basic order. This is to ensure that you always can see what you have. And this is very important when you are going somewhere. So you will be easier to choose what and what to wear. One option could be the location of the items on the functions they perform: to skirt skirts, tops for topam, etc. It is much easier and more convenient than sorting by color.

 Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1

Second Rule. Plan what you need to buy.

 Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1
   Many of us sin that buy the first available item, and so had never been worn. As a result of the dead weight accumulates in our closet: clothes and - the shaft, and nothing to wear. So, this must be fought.

There is such a thing "Basic things".   But with them, and we should start. Look, all they have in the wardrobe. Their beauty is that they can be worn with almost everything! We looked at? If something is not, then write and bribe.

Now think about what you have not enough for happiness. It is believed that the ideal number - 3 or 4 pieces of each item of clothing. Do not buy too many things, because you will come to the fact that by trying to get away - full of wardrobe and nothing to wear.

The next thing to remember when buying new things: they must be combined with some part of your wardrobe. You can easily treat yourself to something bright and unexpected, even if it's something only suitable, for example, black pants.

And, the last thing you buy, try to dress it was. Not just another clothes in the closet, and it is something interesting and favorite. For example, look at the thing from which the original print, or an interesting closure, and can cut interesting. Then you will not have to form a dead ballast.

How to combine with each other wardrobe items?

1. So, the most important thing - to have an idea that what goes in your wardrobe. To do this, you must be either a good imagination, or a lot of time to re-measure all things, and to understand that what is suitable. Take a white blouse. Agree, this thing looks equally well with almost everything: trousers and skirts, and jeans, and even ... dresses. Adding certain accessories, you can play styles.

 Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1

2. If you are bound to want to wear today, for example, purple shoes, then beat them and pick something that will be with them combined. It is not necessary to resort to the classic combination of shoes - bag. You can add an accessory of the same color, or play on the contrast.

 Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1

3. Another important point - choose clothes that emphasizes your strengths, and you will always look good. Clothing should fit well and give the pleasure of staying in it. If you have a nice ass - wear tight jeans, gorgeous legs - then let it be cut on the skirt and gorgeous breasts emphasize cleavage.

 Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1

4. If you have run out of ideas, then take the magazine, go shopping or sit on the Internet. Maybe you'll find some interesting options, how to beat one or other attire.

5. One of the easiest ways to modernize the wardrobe, and have several options to choose - to buy accessories. Miscellaneous: small and large, bright and not very much.

 Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1

6. The classic combination - this is certainly good, but sometimes it would not hurt to experiment! Combine the most unexpected things, and you'll be surprised!

7. Let's talk about what is the basis of the creation of any image. Namely combination of colors .

 Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1
 Option 1.

Let's begin with a simple. Let us recall the color palette. Each color has a number of shades. So you can try to take the clothes and accessories of the same color but in different shades. But it's a slippery slope, because, if you overdo it, then it will seem that you fell down a bank with paint.

 Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1
 Option 2.

The next option - the use of colors that are next in the palette. Because your image will be more concise and elegant, though not a single gram of risk to make a mistake. Using this tactic, but keep in mind that the maximum number of colors should not exceed 2-3. (colored fabrics do not count).

 Create a wardrobe and learn to wear it. Part 1
 Option 3.

Opposite colors on the palette. Using this tactic, you get a distinct contrast, and as a result - a more interesting way. The main thing is to choose the right shades. If you are too heavy to wear contrasting color thing, then add white, black or brown.

By the way the Internet has programs that can help you sort out what and what goes.

And finally, do not forget to experiment with forms. Accustomed to wearing a pencil skirt? Try skirt sun. Or emphasize her breasts bustier, or return to the 70s and buy flared jeans.

Most importantly, you should be comfortable in the image that you create, and in the clothes you wear.
Author: Vera Karabutova