Secrets of the perfect eyeliner
 Personally, I really like the look of the eyes with dark eyeliner around the circuit. It not only draws attention to the color of your eyes (especially if supplemented with makeup contrasting shadows), but also highlights the white proteins. But put smooth, clear and beautiful circuit is not easy: the line went the wrong way, then lubricate the hoses ...

Recently, I came across the network this photo Olivia Wilde at the launch of the new fragrance Desire Me   by Escada, "face" of which it is. In my opinion, Olivia looks great and amazing eye color blends with the color of the dress. This photo inspired me to look for "recipes" of the successful establishment of such a liner. So here's what I found.

First of all, it should be choose the right tool itself liner . Since the area around the eyes is particularly sensitive, it is better to abandon the pencil in favor of liquid or gel eyeliner. It should be moderately thick liquid and measure, i.e. a means must not drip or flow from the applicator, but at the same time it must be applied with a brush with a light touch without pressing on it. For this makeup is better to choose a waterproof liner, because the line will be held close to the eye and nevodostoykaya formula can be lubricated by tear fluid, which is released to wet the eyeball.

Now that how to apply eyeliner . Unfortunately, one theory there is not enough - you have some time to practice, to get exactly as planned, so do not spend their experiments just before an important event, and the experiment in advance. Apply eyeliner with short shtrishkami from the outer corners of the eyes to the nose. Inflicting on the lower eyelid, gently move your skin down and putting on top - up. This helps draw the line eyeliner as close as possible to the lash line. However, be very careful not to damage or pull strongly the delicate skin around the eyes. When drawing the line in the inner corners of the eyes look straight ahead and a steady hand, draw a slightly curved line. I advise you to work out the first time on a piece of paper to line the left and right eyes appear symmetrically.

And finally, final stage . Irregularities in the line can be gently removed with a cotton swab dipped in lotion for removing waterproof makeup. Do not scrub hard - it will cause redness. It is necessary to choose the lotion so that it is easy to remove your eyeliner. To secure the loop, put on a bit crumbly shadows, or transparent powder. Try to keep them from falling into the eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses. Generally, this makeup is best done before you will wear them.

Good luck!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina