Secrets stellar figures: you, too, so you can!
 Stars of show business - it's not the people think we are. This cloned samples of ideal bodies, each of which is equipped with a "padlock with a secret." Some have this secret - in a natural harmony of shapes, while others - military trainers and nutritionists are using cutting-edge equipment shall ensure that they eat their wards. Third ... Third would just kicked if they ever recovered per kilogram. And who in the days of the crisis want to lose your job?

In fact, everything is simple. As my mother said my friend Alesia in order to achieve some goal, you must perform a number of specific actions. And there are no secrets here.

On the question of harmony meet money?

Yes, the stars get paid for it. Pay trainer and nutritionist. For example, a monthly program to improve figure among the stars of the popular personal trainer David Kirsch is worth about 10 thousand dollars.

Hollywood actress Gwen Stefani in any trip is not without its nutritionist, rolling it around the world, and to compensate all the costs, in addition to his salary.

 Secrets stellar figures: you, too, so you can!
   The ex-wife of Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston spends on the program of Pilates and martial arts six thousand dollars a month.

All this, of course, true, but who's stopping you to go to a paid consultation in center besides a dietitian? He will pick a diet according to your age, metabolism peculiarities and other factors. The maximum that you will - to consult with him a few times a year. A lot of money for this is not required.

It is the same situation with the coach, classes to which you can go to a fitness club. In Pilates does not necessarily have to spend so much money, as Jennifer.

In addition, think about this. How much would these specialists or paid stars, coaches still do not exercise, instead of stars to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, all the hard rock press - and the stars, and mere mortals. With bulging not born!

Finally, many of the stars, despite the super-expensive trainers develop their own fitness program. They make a "selection" of a couple of dozen exercises, creating a unique "mix". But we, too, because we can! It is not difficult to combine the most effective in our view the exercises and start with them the day (all charging!). But nothing of jogging along the greenbelt and I did keep quiet - efficient and free.

Where to take the motivation?

 Secrets stellar figures: you, too, so you can!
 For stars a very strong motivation. In the first place, whether they are "puhnyshkami," no one would have made up filming a movie and a podium. Secondly, accustomed to a certain high standard of living, they are no longer able to stop and return to a modest way of life, and therefore have to earn. Making that are able to, and this is a podium or a movie, where, again, they will not be invited, if they stop a trace. Third, the stars almost all day and night are in the camera lens. Remember Uma Thurman, taken on the beach with the "belly"? Media is not only a star, faded photos "Kill Bill", but also began to speculate - whether the actress was pregnant, that she eats too much. And Kate Moss, scored once 3-4 kilograms, the news of which in a few hours spread all over the world? ..

Of course, you do not have such a strong motivation and the fear that you will no longer be in demand. But maybe it's for the better. Well, you were not fired from the accounting department or sales simply because New Year's holidays "settled" on your waist a few extra pounds.

On the other hand, why not be the most graceful and beautiful woman in the company? What no eye-popping figure to win it? And remember, recollect yourself in 19 or 25! I do not want to once again proudly flaunting of Spanish (or the Crimea, Sochi) beaches in a bikini?
Understand, finally, for a perfect figure need only one thing - your desire. And can there be a motive stronger than to be slim and beautiful? ..

Stars do not eat anything?

Do you still think that they have nothing to eat? And it is in vain. For those who do not eat for a long time ill anorexia. Such stars "written off to the dump" and declared unfashionable. Today in vogue a healthy lifestyle. And because the stars are not so busy, how to get rid of my life going, and how to make your diet balanced.

 Secrets stellar figures: you, too, so you can!
 Such a system power supply (the name seems more appropriate than "diet") suggests in one of its options for 30% of "good" fat, 30% protein and 40% carbohydrates. This preferred complex carbohydrates (fresh herbs, vegetables) at the expense of starch (bread, pasta). So fed queen of pop Madonna scene, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The former lead singer of Spice Girls Melanie Brown, better known as Mel B, a lot of attention to my diet pays fish. Her preference is based on the discovery that omega-3 contained in salmon and mackerel, enhance the body's ability to break down fat. At the same time, they are particularly effective in the muscles flabby abdomen.

The wife of a British musician Rod Stewart Penny Lancaster prefers split meals. Former top model eating five times a day, but gradually. Thus it not to deprive yourself delicacies such as grilled fish or chicken, but refrains from white bread, restricts itself to the use of pasta.

We are no worse than the stars. We can also eat more balanced, if a little more than pay heed to the fact that we eat every day. A power supply systems - pond a dozen. You may well choose the most intrusive option of proper nutrition.

Attention to her figure - it is work! But every work is rewarded. Be slim!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya