How to choose a suitable diet
 In recent decades, developed and perfected hundreds of different diets. Even the names - Japanese, French, English - say that losing weight thinking about everywhere. And everyone wants to lose weight quickly and easily, but the magic happens. First, you need to mentally prepare yourself to lose weight, change your lifestyle and set a goal, and then select Matching for you diet, and then proceed to nutrition that helps you lose weight and also will maintain the body's balance of essential minerals and vitamins.

Each person is different, so the overall dietary recommendations can not be given to all. Each of us has its own characteristics and disease. Therefore, it is not necessary to comply with weight loss program recommended by a friend or an advertisement. By what principle should choose a diet to achieve the objectives and not to cause harm?

Firstly, a set of products by the diet must be varied and balanced. It should include vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, dairy products, cereals. Mono-diet can only be used as fasting days. Caloric products should correspond to the energy costs of the organism, women - not less than 1500 kcal per day, and men - not less than 2000 kcal. The daily amount of protein should be no less than 50g per day of fat - 70g, and carbohydrates - 200g.

Secondly, the important point is the principle of weight loss - no more than 600g a week, it gives you the assurance that you do not reach those extra kilos, finishing diet. If you limit your body rigid diet, it will include a protective response, and fat will be deposited in reserve as soon as possible.

Diet is desirable to be delicious, so it will be easier to sustain. You can start a diet, if you are more or less healthy. If you have a chronic disease, nutrition should be recommended by doctors.

Thirdly, it is important to tune in to a diet mentally, you have to believe in the result and to understand that the goal will require effort.

The diet must be in and out of her slowly. It is not necessary to destroy all the stocks in the refrigerator, because tomorrow it will not be eating there. A few days before the diet reduce the amount of food eaten.

And in any case, do not continue the diet, if you feel the deterioration of his health: weakness, stomach pain, dizziness.

 How to choose a suitable diet
 To choose the right weight loss program, it is not necessary to hammer into a search engine query "free diets" have to answer four questions:

1. What do you feel about food?
A. Food is very important in my life, I'm enjoying feasts;
B. I eat out of boredom or when I am nervous;
B. Cooking with relatives complicates the process of weight loss;
G. I - organized person and always makes a plan of supply, and buy products on the list drawn up;
A. For me it is important to be able to eat what I like.

2. What helps you lose weight?
A. Look good and feel healthy;
B. I'm helping an example of people who are with me at the same time;
Q. I tried to lose weight, but have not found an effective way that would bring results;
G. eat less and play sports;
D. Complex systems - strict selection of foods and counting calories, but it is tedious.

3. Which answer describes your attitude to weight loss?
A diet must adjust to my life, and not vice versa;
B. I need the support of like-minded people;
Q. If I do not see quick results, I lose heart;
G. I'm happy as long as I fastened on clothes and not have to think about it;
D. I hate ladies' society, where everyone is talking about how to lose weight.

4. What stops you when you try to lose weight?
A. Constant calorie counting is not consistent with my style of life;
B. I eat too much, when you get to the party, because I can not resist;
B. Do not reset as long as want me to have an incentive to continue;
G. I'm not sure that a return to a normal diet, do not reach again kilograms;
D. I do not want to feel like I'm always on a diet.

Calculate what the letters you have typed more. The result will help you to choose the most optimum strategy eating behavior.

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Home, personal files and important work takes place in your life, so the diet should easily fit into your schedule. Try to start with reducing portions "by eye". The Mediterranean diet must be to your liking, and fitness - as well.

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Do you need support, you lose weight more easily with peers. Choose a time when you are in a state of mental equilibrium. Be prepared that the diet does not give immediate results. Plan your diet in order to consolidate the results. And learn to reward yourself for any progress, even the most modest.

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Need help loved ones and not enough determination. Enlist the support of your household sympathetic. As important to you faster results, try to express diet: apple, buckwheat, kefir or "diet patterns." Drink water without restriction.

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Do not drastically reduce the amount of food, and to make drastic changes in diet. It is necessary to clearly organize the schedule plan. The main thing that it was feasible. Try to keep a food diary. Yes, do not forget to include in the schedule of small deviations from the diet.

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You have neither the time nor the inclination to stick to diets, counting calories. You're not going to give up favorite foods. We need long-term and gradual changes in lifestyle and diet. They will not be soon, but consistent results. Make small adjustments to the daily routine and diet. Gradually, your tastes will change, more traffic and smaller portions - and you begin to eat and live differently.

The fact is, the best diet is the one you can stick to. Unfortunately, usually more in demand diets that promise a minimum of discomfort and a quick result, but it is very unstable. Since the weight that is lost quickly - is not nothing but a mixture of muscle mass, water, and a small percentage of fat. So quickly lose those extra kilos, we quickly get them back. Due to the rapid metabolism of the diet is reduced, as a result of people following the diet becomes even more weight than he was before the diet.

 How to choose a suitable diet
   According to experts, healthy diet with sustained effect   must:
- Include physical exercise;
- To include portion control;
- Allow a variety of foods from different food groups;
- Avoid snacking;
- Promote slow weight loss;
- Allow small portions of favorite foods;
- To recommend a sufficient quantity of water;
- Do not rely on food additives;
- Be scientifically justified.

So, if you have chosen a diet, then answer the following questions and you will immediately become clear - it suits you or not.
Does this diet my style of food - if I can fit it to your schedule, whether it requires special training, if I stick to a certain number of meals?

For example, you have time to eat only twice a day, according to the diet should eat six times. In that case, you're unlikely to be able to adhere to such a diet. Look for a nutrition program, which is not contrary to your food preferences.

Is my diet the physical layer?
After all, some weight loss programs simply offer to move more, and others - need to spend a few hours in the gym five times a week. If you drive too active lifestyle, the hours in the gym - it's not for you. Look for a diet that involves physical activity that suits you.

Can I live with this program all the time?
Before embarking on any diet, think about whether you are ready to follow it every day throughout life? If not, it is better not torture yourself, because as soon as you return to the old way of life, your weight will come back, too.

Does this diet food that I like, which is available to me? Check to see whether dietary components that are impossible to use for a long time. The diet must contain foods that you like, otherwise you will not be able to stick to it for a long time and fail. However, for some people, even a small amount of your favorite dishes can include irrepressible thirst. So be careful.

How quickly will I lose weight?
Rapid weight loss - usually water loss to a greater extent than fat. Although quickly lose those extra kilos is very attractive, but experts strongly recommended to limit the loss of weight 0, 4 - 1 kg per week. Or burn about 500 calories every day.

Fasten she bad habits?
The best program will not feel that you are on a diet. If you always feel it, you are haunted by hunger, then you can throw it. Look for a system that will help you understand the habits that cause weight gain: You can eat in front of TV, eat up the kids.

Does a program of gradual change? Some systems require a gradual shift, and some - substantial changes in my life. Of course, change anything in my life difficult, especially if you do this it is necessary to drastically and dramatically. So choose a diet, allowing gradual change.

Does diet supplements?
Healthy weight loss program does not need supplements except vitamin-mineral complexes. Experts warn against diets that require additional costs for special pills and tablets.

What kind of system I prefer - soft or hard?
Some people choose a strict system, others prefer the possibility of self-selection. Both options work well, if the diet includes a variety of foods.

Remember that the monotonous repetition of meals, breakfast and dinner will be difficult to sustain. It is better to pay attention to diet, which offer a variety of dishes. And choose a diet, based on the usual products for you, so the body will be easier.

Hunger should appear from time to time and be satisfied with a small amount of food, and constant hunger indicates that this is not your diet. If it is suitable, the weight is reduced quickly enough, especially in the first few weeks, then he will go down more slowly or stop.

 How to choose a suitable diet

If the diet is chosen correctly, then you increase efficiency, you will become more energetic, improve mood, and irritation and weakness suggests that we should abandon the system of power. Your diet should be your new way of life - only in this case, success is guaranteed.

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Author: Tatiana Budzirovskaya