Lose weight after the holidays: opening to help
 Postnovogodny period - a time of joy and regret. We all experience some slight feeling of sadness because the holidays have passed the magic - gifts given away, miracles come to pass, and fun party ended. But the joy is difficult to overestimate: how much can you eat? ..

Needless to say, that the holidays are not conducive to the preservation of a slim figure. Over the New Year's table broke down even the most stubborn of us. And how could not try a gentle aspic, roast turkey or brand chocolate cake? Well, it's time to end the liberties to take up the mind and lose weight. To your attention - research scientists who help to return to the previous form.

Red Rose - the emblem of thinness
By a curious conclusion was reached by Swiss scientists who have studied the effect of color on the person's appetite dishes. It turns out that the bright colors (such as red) allow not gain weight.

 Lose weight after the holidays: opening to help
   Experts explain this pattern so that the color red is associated in the mind with the danger. Therefore, the body reacts to the dishes of that color in a special way - have bans.

As part of the experiment, organized by specialists, 40 volunteers drank from glasses of red and blue colors. It turned out that out of the blue crockery subjects drank 44% more.

In the next experiment, scientists spread out on baking trays. We used kitchen utensils in red, blue and white. It turned out red again frightened volunteers - they left most of pretzels.
Thus, the earlier theory - that blue color reduces appetite - in the light of the new study was a fiasco. Buy red ware - and be able to lose weight!

The best appetizer, snack and body cleansing
How often do we ask ourselves, what would such a meal that was not excruciatingly painful for the extra weight? Unexpected guests with a half-empty fridge - also not an easy task. Finally, from time to time, we are thinking about what would be good to clean your body, which we so desperately fills little use products like sweets and smoked sausages. All these questions can be answered in one word - olives!

 Lose weight after the holidays: opening to help
 The fact that the olives are well cope with all three tasks. They will help cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. They can be great snack, and offer guests a delicious canapes. But the main thing - olives and olive oil are the ideal diet foods.

Scientists claim that a daily intake of 10-12 olive or one teaspoon of olive oil in the morning allows you to control your weight and not gain extra weight.

Also, nutritionists recommend olive oil to fill all the salads that you eat. After all, this product is perfectly absorbed by the body. Moreover, olive oil regulates the absorption of fats and salts and also does not emit carcinogens.

Consider the findings of scientists, passing by the supermarket shelves with olives and olive oil. And ... do not pass by!

 Lose weight after the holidays: opening to help
 How to accelerate the burning of calories
Those who can not cut back on your diet, ask another question - how to speed up the burning of calories. This would help to kill two birds with one stone - not to change the menu and reset the weight.

Scientists have found this way - they are advised to run four hours a week. Experts say that such people burn calories faster - even when the person is not engaged in fitness, and, for example, sitting at the TV.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya