Meals for housewives and food for those who work: tips Marianna Trifonova
 As is known, people with metabolic syndrome are at risk of diabetes. The image of modern life creates for all conditions: chronic stress, an unbalanced diet, physical activity minimum of millions of citizens led to the fact that metabolic syndrome has become a real sign of the times. The danger of this disease in the fact that it is difficult to identify themselves. Many people write off symptoms of fatigue, excess weight and age. Few take seriously mood swings, unmotivated hunger, pressure surges, weakness and drowsiness. Meanwhile, diabetes can ... get away!

Tips most authoritative Russian nutritionist to help everyone who wants to keep their health in check. Publishing house "Eksmo" gives us the opportunity to read excerpts from the book Marianna Trifonova "Run from diabetes" and find advice on nutrition for housewives and for those who spend most of the day outside the home.

Meals for housewives
At the reception, I have a pretty woman is 36 years old, her name is Olga Olga B. Two teenage son, caring, but very overworked husband, Olga herself a housewife. To me it has come to the reception in the direction of a doctor - an endocrinologist, who diagnosed her metabolic syndrome and, along with its recommendations advised to consult a doctor-nutritionist to create individual nutrition program. "You know, Doctor, - says Olga, - I have the whole day is painted on minutes. In the morning I feed her husband and children breakfast and then avert my children to school, as they learn far from home, going back, and I stop on the way to the grocery store, prepare accounts for the three men, and they have excellent appetite! I come home and barely have time to cook dinner, how to go to the children.

I quote them, feed, I help with their homework younger, and two hours later I'm taking the children back across town to the sports section, waiting for them after training and back home, because by this time her husband returned from work .  I feed all the dinner and in the evening 10 finally sit down with your favorite book in the chair .  And on the table is worth vase with cookies, are candy, and then they quietly disappear in my mouth, I reach for a piece of cheese, then it comes to the curd mass, and sometimes the mood - with a sad irony, says Olga, - until dumplings with sour cream, fried sausages, well, the list goes on ... That's the way I am Dr. food saboteur! I feel like a pest in relation to their own health, but to establish their own diet can not! All hope for you! "I told Olga that will definitely help her deal with this' food casus", but, in turn, look forward to it the common sense and the desire to break the vicious circle of "Life - Family - Food and lawlessness" . 

I am a very respectful attitude towards women - homemakers, but do not forget the proverb that "Sister needed brother rich, and his wife - great! ". Therefore, the only correct decision: taking care of loved ones, do not forget about his beloved throughout the "Labor Watch. Taking into account the diagnosis Olga I recommend it most satisfying dietary option, the so-called greyzing - split meals in small portions.

This method does not involve the power of fasting, as it consists of frequent snacking. The secret of this system is quite simple: the more often you eat, the less calories the body needs to satisfy.

Of course, the degree of reduction of the daily energy intake depends on how and what you eat.
Should be excluded from the diet of white bread, potatoes, butter, flour products and sweets. Minimizing fat intake, will be able to reduce the calorie content of food for another 10-25%.

One of the main rules - eat slowly, savoring every bite. It was established: to signal saturation of the organism entered the brain, you must chew 14 minutes. Once felt that ate, leave what is on the plate.

The recommended serving size is what can fit in the palm of your hand or in a glass.
Drink 2 liters of water a day, it was water, not tea or compote.
Never starve for more than three hours. You should always be fed. Breads, yogurt, cereal, apples can help you with this.

Here is a sample diet menu, which I suggested to Olga, and that you, dear reader, you can adopt:

In the morning, on an empty stomach (80-100 kcal)
Fruit salad with seasonal fruit: apple, orange, kiwi, strawberry, cherry, apricot, grape, pear (about 200 g).

Breakfast (250 kcal)
I option: porridge of wheat bran (pour boiling water in the evening -100 g); salad of fresh seasonal vegetables (100 g); a cup of coffee without sugar; 1 small low-fat cookies.
Option II: 50 grams of cereal tucked unsweetened yogurt; a cup of coffee.
Variant III: stewed beans with tomatoes (150 g); cup of green tea; 2-3 cookies.

Low-fat cottage cheese (100 g); a cup of tea.

Lunch (350-400 kcal)
I variant: a light vegetable soup (250 ml); 2 steam meatballs of beef or chicken (100 g); Boiled cauliflower (150 g); fresh vegetable salad (150 g); slice of rye bread (20 g); a cup of tea.
Option II: vegetable soup (250 ml); a slice of lean fish stew (100 g); salad of fresh vegetables in season (100 g); slice of rye bread (20 g); a glass of juice.
Variant III: lean ear (150 ml); boiled chicken (100 g); vegetable salad (100 g); glass of green or black tea.

Snack (200 calories)
I variant: a salad of cabbage and apples, olive oil (100 g).
Option II: lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, olive oil (100 g); a few pieces of strawberries, a handful of raspberries, blueberries or other berries.
Variant III: a handful of dried fruit and a glass of juice (better - fresh).

Supper (about 250 kcal)
I variant: steamed vegetables: eggplant, carrots, tomatoes, onions (150 g); salad of cucumber and greens, seasoned with olive oil (100 g); glass compote of dried fruits.
Option II: buckwheat porridge with low-fat sauce (150 g); coleslaw and carrots (100 g); piece of cheese casseroles or 1-2 biscuits; a glass of tea without sugar.
Variant III: stewed potatoes with mushrooms (150 g); salad of fresh tomatoes and peppers (100 g); glass compote of dried fruits.

Along with proper nutrition is useful to once a week fasting day: fruit (1, 5-2 kg of fresh fruit and juice) or Kefir (6 cups of yogurt).

By following such a diet may lose weight is about 4 to 5 kilograms per month.

This weight loss plan is optimal in terms of the treatment of the metabolic syndrome: you reduce excess weight, without feeling acute hunger, therefore, the risk is minimal break. Extra weight goes without introducing you to the feeling of constant stress, which is very important in getting rid of this disease.

We met up with my patient 2 months, she lost weight by ten kilograms and was determined to deal with the more left 15-pound, useless ballast.

I recommend it in addition to the observance of the dietary program to perform a particular exercise, which will tell in the next chapter.

Food for work

And now I would like to avoid the reproach of the working people that this style of food, suitable only for housewives that the office is impossible to comply with such a regime. This is not entirely true, because people go to smoke, so why not go out and drink a glass of kefir or eat fruit? Everything is solved, the main desire!

However, I agree with that style of food at work is different from the food in the home. As well as the problem of the metabolic syndrome, closely tied to receiving correct and timely supply, we need to find a way out in this case!

This section of the book I did not want to give specific examples from the practice, as some of my patients make up just 90% of people working in different sectors. But, unfortunately, almost 50% of them know firsthand what metabolic syndrome!

Not so long ago came to me a patient who has collected a whole set of issues specific to working people suffering from metabolic syndrome.

In front of me sits a very large man, his name is Valentin N. Valentin suffers metabolic syndrome for several years. At the last visit to the cardiologist he categorically was ordered to lose weight. Valentin decided that after all attempts, as he put it, "to attack the weight." And burn me at the reception.

Of course, I wanted to know his daily routine, and power supply system. That's what I heard: "In the morning I could hardly tear off his head on the pillow, about any breakfast, even speech can not be. By 9 o'clock to get to work, and while not drink coffee mug with three spoons of sugar, I'm just not legal competence. In the office, there is no opportunity to go to lunch, because it a break, as such, no. Snacking Can not fitfully, and that if there is someone to run to the nearest store. Sometimes secretary orders a pizza for the entire office, as you know, I also indulged in a piece or two. Naturally, a pizza bought and sweet drinks. But it also happens that during the day about food in general have to forget the feeling of hunger while I drug endless kofepitiya ...

When I come home in the region of 7-8 pm, I sit down at the table at once, since waiting for his wife to work, and sometimes it comes even later than me, so it turns out that we sit down to dinner until 9 pm .  Dinner we blends in watching television, and then to sleep .  And so every day .  Exceptions make weekend, but really would be better if they were not " .  - "Why are you so negative to him about it? "-" So, Doctor, that I sleep on weekends up to 12 or up to 1 day, not time to wake up, his wife calls me to lunch or dinner, I did not even know what to call a meal at a time .  I do not have time to move away from the first meal, and my wife has iozobretaet next culinary masterpiece, and so the whole day ... Over the last year I added another 10 kilograms .  Cardiologist in horror from my analysis says that even medicines can not cope with my weight .  He puts me to the condition that the next visit I will certainly reported on dropped kilograms .  Do you really misjudge the severity of the disease .  Your priorities, as far as I knew, given the .  Yes, you really earner in the family, but think about how hard it will be your relatives and friends, without your support .  At least for them, you should reconsider your lifestyle .  I'm ready to show you the example srednesobiratelnogo image as much as possible to remain in the system and at the same time to deal with this insidious disease like metabolic syndrome " . 

I have had many patients, like Valentina lost at work all day, but despite the fact that the working life dictates its own laws of being, in most cases I found with them out of the perimeter defense work and malnutrition!

To better understand this problem, I would like to demonstrate how food looks a collective way of life of the average working person.

It's hard to be in shape if the work takes almost all of your time. Every day many working people vowed to go on a proper diet and join the fitness club, but in the bustle of a new working day to do this very difficult.

... In the morning it would be desirable not to eat, and sleep. A cup of coffee or a glass of juice - the most that the ability of many of those who are in a hurry to work every day. During the day they reluctantly cuts out 10 minutes for lunch, if not quickly swallow a cup of coffee in front of a computer surrounded by paper.

In the evening, the situation is not better: in those same 18 hours, when it is recommended to start seriously thinking about dinner, busy man still works like a bee, and a meal again postponed indefinitely. And with such a complete lack of power want more to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. How to be?

Easy, no intractable situations!

Here is what medical statistics: scientists from the International Labour Organization systematized research in the field of nutrition and working people have proven that a diet that is appropriate for the employee engaged in physical labor is contraindicated in people of intellectual labor.

Various chemical substances occurring in the body in the process of food digestion, have different effects on the brain. People working in the office, often thinking about his career growth. Therefore, they need food that can enhance performance, increase the speed of reaction and improve memory.

For the office staff is very important meal - breakfast.
Most start their day with the fact that drinking a cup of coffee with sweet rolls, sandwich or donut. It is not right!

Coffee increases palpitations, increased nervous excitement and disrupts the proper digestion of sugar. This can lead to hypoglycemia - a decrease in blood glucose levels below the minimum and nutrient deficiency. Such variations are not allowed in metabolic sindromome.

Moreover, due to this supply the brain begins to "slow down", in other words the rate of reaction and adaptation of new information decreases.

In order to avoid such situations, best breakfast drink fruit juice or yogurt in combination with cereals or bananas. Also useful for chilled meat - an excellent source of energy.

Toward noon, when it begins to suck in the stomach, you can eat 10 grams of black chocolate. Cocoa, vegetable lecithin, sugar and proteins that make up this sweet delicacy, to help cope with hunger, sleepiness and increased attention. Action chocolate on the body lasts for about an hour. Therefore, if possible, should continue to have dinner.

For lunch, eat a couple of eggs, they contribute to the synthesis of the substance acetylcholine and improves memory. Eat a piece of fish or lean meat and soup.

Foods rich in carbohydrates, leave at the end of the day closer to dinner - they inhibit the reaction of the nervous system, reduce other reactions, you sleepy. Just remember to act carbohydrates has not led to more weight a raise, after dinner, you need at least 30 minutes, it does not take a horizontal position! The best option - Walking for 45 minutes, but if this is not possible, do some light housework: clean the table, wash the dishes, even on the phone, try not to sit still.

Between meals you need to arrange a small snack.

The most optimal number of snacks - three.

You should not eat candy or sweet biscuits, better and more useful to the body nesaharisty fruit or yogurt.

I already wrote in the first chapter of which plays an important role working environment for removal of stress factors. Therefore, minimize communicate with people standing on something complaining or negative sentiment. This proximity can lead not only to a depressive state, but also indirectly contribute to the set of extra kilos as a manifestation of a kind of defensive reaction.

Among other things, working people suffering from metabolic syndrome, can once a week, on weekends, to spend the day greyzinga or fractional power.

Fractional power each hour

During the day, consumed a total of three cups of tea bread, which is prepared the day before.
Recipe bread tea.
Two hundred grams of black bread, cut into pieces, pour a liter of boiling water, let stand for ten hours, drain.

The day begins with a wake at seven in the morning after the morning toilet and charging - a cup of hot green tea without sugar and honey. Exactly one hour later, at eight in the morning - a glass of tea and bread one sour-sweet apple.

At nine in the morning - half a cup of grain tea, mixed with 100 ml of a natural tomato juice and 100 grams of grapes.
At ten o'clock - two cups of green tea.
At 11 o'clock in the morning - half a cup of tea bread mixed with the same amount of fresh carrot juice plus an apple.
In the afternoon - a glass of orange juice and 100 grams of grapes.
With an hour to three hours of the day - a break at this time no snacking is not provided.

In 15 hours - two cups of freshly brewed green tea.
After an hour - half a cup of tea and bread with 100 ml of carrot juice.
In 17 hours - a glass of mineral water.
An hour later - two or three fresh and juicy sweet peppers.
In 19 hours - half a cup of grain tea, mixed with 100 ml of apple juice.
At night - a cup of green tea.

The total number of products for one hour a day diet: bread tea - three glasses of orange juice - 200 ml apple juice - 100 ml carrot - 200 ml, 100 ml of tomato juice. Green tea - six cups, glass of mineral water, two apples, two or three peppers and 200 grams of fresh cucumbers.