New Year's party: how to keep the shape, without giving up the fun and pleasure
 "Surely the new year I can not relax? "- Heard pleas slimming girls. Can! - We want to reassure you. You may even be able to eat anything you want. Just remember a few simple recommendations.

1. Move
If you know that you will be a tight dinner, standing in front of this move more. And not after, as many people think. One of the nutritionists recommend: every dish you eat is 10 squats. Certainly for the New Year's table you try more than one dish - here and count how many sit-ups you need to do. At least 30!

2. Eat before drinking
'Snack, a snack "- often heard advice at the table. It is more important to eat before taking alcohol than during and after the adoption! Total handful of nuts will stop the rapid absorption of alcohol into the blood and sugar contained therein. Alcohol is largely made up of sugars. If you eat before drinking wine or champagne a little fat and protein, then it will slow down the rate at which sugar from alcohol is absorbed into the blood. This will prevent the jump in the level of insulin and helps to control the glycemic index. Well, and in addition, it saves you from the weight gain as a side effect of the rapid absorption of alcohol.

I advise you before you start to drink, snack nuts, unsalted better natural. Also good effect gives a small jar of yogurt, it will help to slow the rate at which blood sugar.

3. How many green vegetables
During all the holidays, and the holiday table lean on green vegetables, fiber, and it is perfectly clean. The body will continue to work effectively, even if you allow yourself extra goodies and alcohol.

 New Year's party: how to keep the shape, without giving up the fun and pleasure
 4. The first drink - soft
As a rule, the first drink is consumed completely and much faster than the subsequent. Start the festive meal with a glass of pure water or ice tea. Suggest and their guests start with Morse or water. This will later choose the dishes more thoroughly and to reduce its volume (because the stomach is half full), and the subsequent glass of alcoholic beverage will not be so quickly absorbed into the blood, you'll be much better feel.

5. Breakfast - it's good
A hearty breakfast is December 31 - the golden rule. Regardless of what you will abundant buffet in the evening. The body will be more receptive to subsequent meals, and will not be as malleable habits.

6. Drink lots of water
Be sure to feast on the day try not to forget about the water. Humidified body - healthy body, all systems (especially digestion and cleanse) will work like a clock, you do not have to suffer the discomfort of overeating.

 New Year's party: how to keep the shape, without giving up the fun and pleasure
 7. It is better to more protein than sweets
A festive table you will find a lot of dishes. This is a minus and a plus. Plus the fact that you can choose. And the choice is to ignore the most of sweets (cakes, donuts). To begin with this protein products. Cold meats (beef, turkey, ham), a little cheese - these dishes at once quench your appetite and prevent a jump of insulin in the blood, when you do allow yourself a piece of dessert.

8. Fish Oil
As much as it may sound not appetizing, but this technique will protect you and your health from the effects of New Year's parties. Modern fish oil is not nasty, by the way. Perhaps it will become a habit, and you will notice a great change from the skin and hair. But during the holidays, try to include at least a vitamin complexes with fatty acids or eat more fatty fish.

 New Year's party: how to keep the shape, without giving up the fun and pleasure
 And most importantly - enjoy the holiday!   Food should not bear the guilt or negative emotions. You have to like everything you eat and drink. When people are optimistic almost no fat. This is a basic recipe for a New Year's feast without consequences - eat and drink only what a joy. What you do not want to - it all goes to the extra weight and strain on the heart and liver.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin