What prevents to lose weight?
 Losing weight requires us tremendous willpower, because for the sake of a slim body we give up favorite foods, changing diet and even outlook on life. No result is very disappointing, because, apparently, we do everything correctly. Scientists have conducted a special study and found that prevents us to lose weight, even if we took a very strict diet.

Professor at Loyola University, a recognized expert in the field of weight loss Bartfild Jessica found out why manages to lose only 20% of those who sit on diets. Nutritionist called the main reason that prevents lose weight and plunges us into despair.

The first and main reason   It is incorrect counting calories. For example, some diet involves daily consumption of 1200 kcal. The fairer sex accurately counted kalorazh contents plates and seemingly follow the recommendation. In fact, they often forget to include in the calculation a few snacks and sugar in tea or coffee. The result is that they consume 500-700 calories more that negates all efforts to lose weight. Jessica Bartfild calls carefully record all food that is present in your menu.

The second problem   It is a significant revaluation of their own physical activity. Many women believe that spending more calories than it actually is. For this reason, they often allow themselves an extra portion of food, because the naive believe that movement (fitness or walk) already "fulfilled" this snack.

 What prevents to lose weight?
 The third reason   - No diet. Skipping breakfast, the fairer sex tend to rejoice that "not eaten" a certain number of calories. But in fact, a reason for joy here. Firstly, irregular meals breaks metabolism. Secondly, everything that you do not eat breakfast, you are sure to "reach" for the day. And that, frankly, and all cause for tears. In the afternoon, your metabolism is slower, you're unlikely to be able to burn the calories burned. Overeating, which is inevitably due to the passage of the meal, but splits the stomach, demanding more and more food. Jessica Bartfild recommends to strictly adhere to the diet and move more high-calorie food intake for the first half of the day. In addition, the professor believes that useful snack - an effective way to solve the problem of excess weight.

Lack of sleep - The fourth reason Which spoils your impression from the sight of his own reflection in the mirror. Previously, scientists have proved that the lack of a full night's sleep is one of the causes of obesity. Also, if you do not sleep, you probably eat. It's just two and two.

After analyzing the research of Professor Bartfild obviously follows. Daily Diet and nutrition - is the best way to solve the problem of excess weight. Regular going to bed and a daily meal at one and the same time soothe your body. The lack of stress and regular meals - a great prevention of overeating and obesity.  What prevents to lose weight?
 Two other problems - an incorrect account of calories and physical activity - also solved. To fix eaten carry a small notebook. If you do not want to limit yourself to a cup of coffee or tea (especially those engaged in intellectual activity), forget about sugar or to reduce the amount to 0, 5 tsp. Physical activity can be measured by means of such a beautiful instrument like a pedometer. Also do not forget about other simple recommendations for maintaining a healthy weight :

- Avoid uniquely harmful products - sausages, cakes, chips, alcohol. Remember that it is possible to find useful replacement instead of sausage and meat eat poultry and fish, cakes replace marshmallows and jelly, alcohol - tea or coffee.

- Reduce the size of the portions - at least a quarter. This is a real step towards weight loss that does not bring you any discomfort.

- Move more. If you do not like exhausting fitness, just walking.

- Create a film library of favorite art paintings, buy some interesting books. Kill the stress and improves mood with the help of world masterpieces, instead of Belgian chocolate.

- Communicate! It is best to wash the evil bone shefini than eat a bucket of ice cream. Gossip not only distract from their own problems, but also to relieve stress. It proved. Check for yourself!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya