Why the body raw food
 The fact that raw foods (such as fruits and dried fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, honey, etc.) are useful for the body, we have learned two and two together. All know that for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and in general for the normal life of any person should eat fresh salads and fruits of the season. Has anyone wondered why is this useful? How does it work?

Dr. Edward Howell - one of those people who stood at the origins of the natural recovery of the body. His arguments regarding the benefits of raw food simple and convincing. And today, they will be useful for us to gain a great motivation for the inclusion of available raw foods in our body. We shall reject radical beliefs raw foodists and a raw food shall mean only those products that are without heat treatment are not dangerous to the body and are able to bring him only benefit, ie, all the same fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey.

Thus, the basis of the whole theory of Dr. Howell - are enzymes (enzymes) .  Without enzymes do not in any chemical reaction in the body .  And, if our favorite nutrients, trace elements and vitamins can be called the building blocks of the human body, the enzymes of the above building materials erecting house .  Without enzymes, vitamins and other utility in the body - only a useless warehouse .  Only with the help of enzymes may fixed pile of construction material to convert into something constructive working yielding dividends body .  In addition, they are catalysts that accelerate chemical reactions inside us, it is proved that during his active action enzymes radiate energy .  T . e .  for the body enzymes are something akin to an electric battery .  That's what Dr. Howell called enzymes "the unit of measurement of vital energy" .  From all this, I think you've come to the conclusion that the enzymes for us, of course, important and necessary . 

 Why the body raw food

Stocks enzymes are found in all living things. In particular, certain enzyme warehouse we got at birth. But the trouble is that the enzymes are killed at temperatures above 50 ° C. This means that all the food is heat treated, not in our body carries additional enzymes. And, on the contrary, the processing of such food your body is forced to use its own limited supply of enzymes heredity.

If you go back to the same all allegory of the construction site, it turns out that in the case of cooked using cooking food in our bodies only imported building materials. Instead, all construction workers are required to produce ourselves, diverting food digestion and assimilation of their own resources in the form of enzymes, we inherited at birth. If we eat raw food, with the building blocks of our bodies I stop working and that all the work of processing and digestion produce themselves, without distracting it our personal reserves of enzymes.

What happens? If we have only cooked food on the fire, then eventually our own warehouse of enzymes will be empty, our battery life goes down, and life ends. And there is, as you know, much sooner than if our diet is dominated by raw food. In using the latter, we regularly are fueling your body with enzymes, and thus prolong their life. We thus give their own enzymes to engage the body as a whole, clean and repair living tissue, to prevent them from desolation, and not be distracted by the processing of low-quality fuel entered in the form of cooked food on the fire.

 Why the body raw food
   Thus, if we continually eat only foods that have been subject to heat treatment, we mindlessly spend our seed capital enzymes. Included in the daily diet at least a raw foods such as vegetables and fruit, we replenish our warehouse stocks of enzymes, and fill their vitality.

The weakening of vitality is manifested in the increasing acts diseases, ailments, bad mood, irritability, premature aging. All of these symptoms you need to signal a lack of enzymes in your body and cause to reconsider their usual diet, supplement it with a "live" food, not heat treated.

I think now everything fell into place, and we confidently say "no" to the lack of fruits and vegetables in our food basket, which in turn will mean "yes" longevity, energy recovery, health and high spirits!
Author: Natalia Hryshko