Cheese - a delicate matter, sir!
 "The meal without cheese - it is beautiful, which is missing one eye"
Beria-Anthelme Savarin

Great start to the day for breakfast, fine basis for soup and unsurpassed snack for the evening. Of course, we are talking about cheese. Cheese - is one of the most popular dairy products. It was his housewives and chefs of restaurants used to prepare a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert!

What is the cheese?
Having said that cheese is a delicious and nutritious food, we do not surprise anyone. But what is it in the diet may be analogous to meat, not many people know. Of course, because the cheese half is composed of protein and the other half is occupied fats and water. Excellent supplier for the formation of new cells is a cheese protein, so indispensable to the body. Fats that are part of cheese, reducing the risk of developing cancer. And carbohydrates ... And they just do not! Cheese is also a major source of calcium for the body, which is essential for the strength of bones and teeth. That's why pregnant and nursing mothers should eat every day at least a 150-gram piece of cheese.

In addition, the cheese - it is a storehouse of vitamins! Vitamin A is not for nothing that takes the first place in the "vitamin alphabet." He is actively involved in all the major functions of the body and is especially important for vision and restore cells in the body. Vitamin D is responsible for the strength of our skeleton and prevents bone fragility. And, of course, contained in the cheese, vitamins Group B - is the key activity of the organism.

100 g of cheese = 1, 25 liters of milk. A 200-gram piece will fully satisfy the daily requirement for animal protein.

But to be familiar with the composition of cheese and know little about its benefits. We still have to understand its forms and varieties! And them in France alone, more than five hundred.

Cheese Family
The soft, reminiscent of the mind stretching a paste, cream cheese, with a simple flavor of mushrooms and bacon. Of course, this fresh cheeses, these include mozzarella, feta, Adygeya. They are ideal for breakfast, conveniently combined in a sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and fresh pepper.

If your sandwich turned out to be a piece of semi-soft cheese with a soft spicy sweet taste, do not worry, it nevareny pressed cheese. This type includes Eddam cheeses, Gouda, Cheddar.

You cook a light buffet? Then the sweet champagne, wine or fruit calm are ideal representatives of cooked pressed cheeses. Pale yellow color and large jagged holes, that's for sure Emmental cheese, Parmesan or Maasdam.

Elite same family are representatives cheese blue cheeses. Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Danish Blue Cheese lance d'Amber, Bleu d'Auvergne. The distinctive and highly piquant feature of these cheeses - greenish-blue blotches of mold. They give the cheese a particularly attractive combination of dry tart wine.

 Cheese - a delicate matter, sir!
 Cheese calories ...
For reference, in a 100 gram piece of cheese contains
Dutch-round - 377 kcal
Kostroma - 345 kcal
Poshehonsky - 350 kcal
Russia - 360 kcal
Cheddar - 426 kcal
Edam - 314 kcal
Emmenthal - 370 kcal
Feta - 304 kcal
Mozzarella - 278 kcal

Cheese tips and secrets
• Why, when we take pictures, we are asked to say the word "cheese"? Because the pronunciation of the word "cheese" in the English version (cheese, in the Russian transcription - "chiiiz"), the lips are formed themselves into a smile.

• make a couple of excellent taste cheese and wine. As this union taste, so he folded. Here we have to abide by their rules. White wines are usually combined with cheese better than red. For soft and processed cheese are best suited dry white wine. Goat cheese perfectly set off the taste of Sauvignon and cheese with a moldy crust emphasize the refined taste of champagne. And with the dishes, which is composed of cheese, perfectly in tune light fruity white wines.

• Before serving the cheese on the table should be at least an hour at room temperature to leave, so he will get a true taste and aroma.

• To prepare one kilogram of cheese must be ten kilograms of cow's milk.

• Cheese, like any other product that requires specific storage conditions. It is best to keep the cheese on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and avoid extreme temperatures. If the cheese is not stored in the refrigerator, then as a variant of its most long-term storage, should be wrapped in a linen cloth soaked in salt water.

Most syrolyubivaya country in the world, of course, France. Every year, every Frenchman eats about 23 kilograms of cheese. But in general, for the year the country produced 1580 tons of various cheeses, and another 452 tons of cheese is exported.

• Most cheese in the crust, you can find plastic figures and many are perplexed and interest. But not many know that these figures are indicated by the number and date of manufacture of cooking cheese head.

• In the XVII century the cheese is actively used in divination.

 Cheese - a delicate matter, sir!
 • Cheese is made even sculptures! (Cheese sculpture by artist Prudence Staite)

• There is a tradition in many Western nations, when meeting or wedding, the young bring to the table cheese, have a strong odor. It is they who, under the laws of the local production, is considered a strong aphrodisiac.

• Frequent and very appetizing snack with a glass of ice-cold beer or wine is tart Fougeres cheese plate. And are you familiar with the principles of its composition? Typically, cheese plate presents at least five cheeses ranging from soft and ending with sharp taste varieties. They should spread from the increase tartness of taste, try to be the same, adhering to this order. Decorate the dish more often grapes, sliced ​​pears or nuts, they perfectly set off the taste of cheese. Try to cook a cheese plate at home and serve the guests.

 Cheese - a delicate matter, sir!
 • Where there are holes in the cheese? The movement of bacteria in cheese production is gas, it was he, and leads to the formation of holes.

• In Switzerland, there is an interesting custom. On the first day of the birth of a boy in the family to cook cheese. Only when the boy becomes a young man marries, cheese eaten at his wedding.

Enjoy your raw food !!!
Author: Valentina Pyatygo