Diet baby food
 This diet popularized by many celebrities. The main arguments: the consumption of baby foods reduces the weight and makes it look better. Read on and you will learn about all the pros and cons of this diet, as well as the menu for the day for those who decide to follow a diet.

Thus, the results of a diet based on baby food, you can see by looking at celebrities like Jennifer of Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce. This diet chosen stars of the series "Desperate Housewives" and even eccentric Lady Gaga.

 Diet baby food

Some believe that the main task of this diet - it is a detox or cleansing of the body. But the main result, which is aimed at the baby food diet - is, of course, control of the calories consumed.

This is facilitated by, firstly, that the baby food jars are very small, which provides a much smaller amounts compared to the usual adult. Secondly, calorie servings of low also, to aspire to all dieters.

One of the advantages of this diet can also include the fact that the baby food usually contains no additives, artificial colors, starch. Generally, the amount of harmful substances in it is minimized. A high content of vitamins on the other hand, as the basis for organic pureed vegetables and fruits.

For women employed at all a real find. Judge for yourself, baby food stored without refrigeration, and can be, everything is pre-cooked, additional processing is required. You can just put a tiny jar of baby food in the bag and not worry about lunch - low-fat snack with you always.

Follow celebrities diet very easily. Their nutritionists advise to replace the two (out of three) eating baby food. The rest can be does not limit himself. Weight loss occurs very rapidly and significantly.

However, do not rush immediately to follow this diet. At a diet based infant formulas, there are also disadvantages .

- Baby food is almost no need to chew, pureed mashed easily fall directly into the stomach. If the process does not occur chewing gums and chewing muscles do not receive sufficient load, resulting in atrophy. A feeling of fullness and satisfaction of food as directly related to the process of chewing food, not produced the needed hormones, food does not cause positive emotions.

- Low in calories can also be a minus. There are jars, which contain less than 14 calories. It is not enough to sustain an adult. Lack of energy is always the lethargy, apathy, depression, headaches, and so on.

- The effect of the diet lasts only when you observe it. As soon as you try to replace the boring jar some other dish, it soon will be much calories. So we have to consider the option of increasing physical activity when you want to stop the diet.

- By cons include the lack of protein in infant formulas. Substances that are contained in meat, fish, seafood, almost impossible. But the adult in this case, does not receive all the necessary components to it.

 Diet baby food
 I have an idea!   It is best to use baby food as snacks. Then you get a light, tasty, low-calorie snack, and your weight does not suffer in the process.

If you still want to try
We agree that it is difficult to resist the temptation to try this diet. After all, its effectiveness on their own experience have already tested such stars as actress Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and personal trainer Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Paltrow and designer of iconic fashion house Dior Hedi Slimane Christian. High quality, balanced composition, the lack of pesticides, nitrates, preservatives and spices, great taste and a wide range of products - that's what makes the baby nutrition ideal product for those who want to lose weight. Of course, constantly eating baby food is quite hard, but organize themselves at least several times a week fasting days with a delicious sauce and curds is not difficult.

Sample menu for the day:

Breakfast   - Finished grain cereal or cottage cheese with fruit.
Lunch   - A jar of fruit puree.
Lunch   - A jar of meat or fish sauce and a jar of vegetable puree, or ready a special meat-vegetable puree.
Afternoon snack   - Fruit juice and fruit puree jar.
Dinner   - Jar of vegetable puree.
Author: Julia Shestakova